Saruman's Daughter

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That night, while they rested in the chamber provided, Legolas’ thoughts were on the girl again. He remembered the look in her eyes, the feeling he got from them & shivered. Aragorn, Gimli & Gandalf looked to him in concern.

“Is everything alright Legolas?”

Legolas looked to the wise wizard who was smiling at him. His friends looked at him, their eyes asking for answers. He thought for a moment before replying:

“Did any of you, notice a girl during the fight?”

Aragorn & Gimli shook their heads but Gandalf eyes widened in alarm. He began interrogating Legolas:

“What did she look like?”

“Porcelain skin, golden hair, ocean-blue eyes…”

“Did she have a horse with her? What colour?”

“Yes…a golden one…a Mearas if I am not mistaken.”

“Did she have a staff? What did it look like?”

“Yes she…Gandalf what is this about? Do you know her?”

All looked at Gandalf. His face was grim.

“Do I know her? Oh yes, I know her very well, Legolas. She is Saruman’s daughter.”

All the fellowship was stunned. They stared at Gandalf mouths open for a few moments before Aragorn collects himself & asks, checking that he had not been mistaken in what he had heard.

“Saruman has a daughter?”

Gandalf nodded. Then Gimli said gruffly:

“Well then. She is just like her father, on the side of Sauron. Better off dead.”

Gandalf’s voice was grave as he scolded Gimli.

“Do not say that dwarf. For she is the sweetest girl I ever knew. She hates war. Does anything to prevent even the smallest argument.”

Legolas then asked quietly:

“Then why was she fighting?”

Silence hung over the fellowship for a while. Finally Gandalf answered:

"I do not know. But I do know that she would never join Sauron willingly. Something is at work here & I do not like it. I do not like it at all."

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