Chapter 28: . . . Over

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'We copy,' Colt replied, holding his own device close to his mouth. 'Have the people noticed anything? Over.'

'Not yet. They're being surprisingly discreet, for dog-sized arachnids,' she observed, with a slightly sardonic tone. 'Over.'

'Right, well keep us updated, Quentin. Over.'

What was with this persistent use of the word 'over'? Ryn wondered. Despite being somewhat annoyingly repetitive, she knew it had to serve as a form of communicative code...

Whatever the reason, she made a mental note to use it whenever she spoke into the device. The others seemed to possess such knowledge automatically, and she didn't want to appear out of place.

Now was hardly the time to raise such questions.

'So, if the scorpions have the people surrounded,' Jasper queried, 'how do we get ourselves in there?'

'We might not have to, at first,' Colt replied, and the others raised their eyebrows in surprise. 'If they're trying to remain unnoticed, I have the feeling it's not just to attack the people.'

'Why else would they be closing in on them like that?' Elizabeth frowned.

'To make sure they don't run away....'

Silence descended upon the back of the van for several heartbeats.

'Run away from... what?' Kiley's voice was shaking ever so subtly.

'Exactly,' Colt's tone was grave. He glanced at Ryn. 'I'm betting that the Silver Scorpion himself is somewhere within that courtyard.'

She shuddered upon hearing such words.

But it made sense. Forming a cage of metal minions for which to imprison his unsuspecting victims, was a demonic plan that had the Silver Scorpion's name carved all over it.

'Yeah, well I guess that's as good a reason as any for not diving straight in there, all guns blazing,' Jackson shrugged.

Despite seated firmly on the benches that lined the interior of the van, all six of them swayed violently to the side as the car swerved; from inside, it felt as though it were about to tip over.

But then the vehicle straightened out, its engine revving dangerously loud, as Darcy poured on the speed.

'Honey,' Elizabeth tapped twice on the wall of the van. 'Please try not to kill us before we get there, okay?'

'Can he actually hear you while he's.... possessing the van?' Jackson asked dubiously.

'Oh, he can do a lot more than just hear you,' she replied with a mysterious smile. 'Anyway, Colt. If we're not going to jump straight in to the deep end, what else, exactly, do you suggest?'

'He's taking the people by surprise. I see no reason why we shouldn't give him a taste of his own medicine.'

'Excellent idea. Let's just sneak up on a silver-clad maniac and, you know, tie his shoe-laces together or something. He'll never see that one coming!' Jackson's elated expression was oozing with sarcasm, so thick it filled the van.

Colt gave him an exasperated stare. 'We're mutants, not toddlers. No, it all depends on what happens inside the courtyard, but I was thinking of something a touch more sophisticated. And remember, saving the people is our priority.'


'Alright, I'm here,' Aderyn hissed into her device, stumbling to her feet, her wings beating once as they folded against her back, before quickly hurrying to add, 'Over.'

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