Chapter 28: . . . Over

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'Here she is!' Darcy announced, proudly. 'Isn't she a beauty?'

The group gathered around a rather suspicious-looking black van, parked halfway up the street they all found themselves on. It wasn't anything impressive, Ryn thought, but there would certainly be enough room for them all to fit into the windowless back. Appearance was hardly high on their list of concerns, right now.

Kiley frowned, her hands on her hips.

'Is it yours?' she asked dubiously, neck arching around to gaze at the empty-looking house it was parked before.

He shrugged. 'I'll be driving it. That's close enough, right?'

Elizabeth laughed, patting him on the shoulder before stepping forwards, body going translucent as she jumped up, passing through the wall of the vehicle as though it were an illusion.

'Well, that's neat,' Jasper remarked.

Moments later, the back doors of the van flew open.

'Alright guys, hop on in,' the woman beckoned, standing just inside.

Darcy had moved around to the front door, resting backwards against it, eyes closing as his shoulders visibly slumped. For a moment, Ryn wondered what on earth he was doing, but realisation struck her in time with the faint click, of the front doors unlocking themselves.

He must have possessed- for lack of a better term- the van, unlocking the doors, while preventing himself from collapsing onto the road as his consciousness briefly left his body.

She questioned the empty air how long he had been doing things like this, but soon realised that she didn't particularly want to know the answer....

'Alright, I'm going to need someone who hasn't got their face in the police database to sit in the driver's seat,' he offered, looking around. 'You, Cowan. You haven't done anything illegal, have you?'

'Oh, yeah,' Elliot murmured. 'Get the blind kid to drive. Real funny. You know, I'm beginning to regret this....'

'You won't actually be driving. Gee, I'm not that reckless.' Darcy looked personally insulted. 'I'll be doing all of the handy work from the passenger seat. You've just got to sit in the front and look pretty for the cameras.'

'What? No! What am I? Some guinea-pig supermodel?'

'Oh, quit complaining. You'll be fine. Now get in the car.'

Ryn followed the others into the back of the van, barely hearing Elliot's unintelligible mumbling - something about getting into vehicles with strangers - as he reluctantly jumped up into the driver's seat.

Beside her, Kiley was wringing her hands together.

'I'm jumping into a stolen van, off to fight some supervillain with a team of fellow mutants,' she shook her head, laughing softly to herself. 'Now, there's something I never thought I'd say....'

Ryn nudged her friend on the shoulder.

'You're handling this well,' she said with a smile

'Yeah,' Kiley chuckled. 'I'll admit, I'm actually a bit excited. I've never done anything remotely close to something like this. It all feels so... unreal.'

'Believe me,' Aderyn huffed, smiling lightly to herself. 'I know that feeling all too well.'

The engine fired up, and they headed off.

Moments later, Quentin's voice buzzed through the Walkie Talkies. 'Guys, we have a slight situation. The scorpions are beginning to move. Do you copy? They're spreading out across the street. I think they're trying to surround the Great Hall, but I'm not sure why. Over.'

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