Chapter 16

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 I jerked awake in the middle of the day

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I jerked awake in the middle of the day. I could feel... Him. He was under my skin.

Dawid circled his arms around me and pulled my back to his chest. "Calm down."

"He's in there, Dawid. I can't do this. I want him out," I whimpered. And then anxiety really set in. I couldn't move. My body was paralysed again. It was like I was outside of the house again.

Dawid let go of me and jumped out of the bed. He threw the door open and I could hear his retreating footsteps. He was fast to return with both Frej and Tec, both of them only dressed in pyjama bottoms.

"She-she can't move," Dawid stuttered. "I-I w-woke up a-and she doesn't move. I-I..."

"It's okay Dawid," Tec said softly, stepping in front of him, Tec's hands on his shoulders. "Don't worry. Everything is going to be okay." He released the freaked out boy and crouched down beside the bed. He placed his hand on my cheek and turned my head towards him.

Tears were trailing down from my eyes and I couldn't even talk anymore. Everything was locking up.

Tec bit down on his wrist, turning my head towards the ceiling and gently opened my mouth, drops of his blood dripping into my mouth. I couldn't even swallow, so soon it just ran out from the edge of my mouth. But then... I swallowed it. He lowered his wrist further, my lips brushing over his skin. My tense body started relaxing.

I lifted my hand and pressed his wrist down, my teeth piercing through his skin.

"Aura..." Tec murmured and tried to pry his wrist out of my mouth, but my other hand shot up, gripping his arm. "Aura, you need to stop."

An animalistic growl made its way out of my mouth and I repositioned my mouth to better bite down.

"Aura, you need to let go," Tec tried again, but I couldn't listen. I couldn't stop.

"Grab her!" Tec growled and Dawid jumped up on the bed and with force pulled me back. I howled like a wounded animal and turned in his arms, completely unable to control myself. I plunged my teeth into the side of his throat. Nothing mattered but the blood. I had to get more and I wanted it all. I didn't care whose it was. I just needed it now.

Dawid slammed his back into the tall dresser and tried to get me off, but I was apparently much like an octopus, my body wrapped around him, my teeth buried in his skin.

"Aura, stop!" Frej exclaimed as he tried to pry me off. I shoved him back and he actually fell back.

Then both Frej and Tec grabbed me and got me down on the bed. Dawid collapsed on the floor.

"Tie her, Frej, I've got her!" Tec panted and held me down while Frej tied sheets around my ankles and wrists.

"Use a compulsion on her!" Frej growled as he struggled with my leg. "Xipe! Make her stop!"

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