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My school meh

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Ok wolf right now at 10:26 at night we are going talk about my school but hold my mom is forcing to sleep got 2 Mins if I don't go to bed she'll take me phone away *lets phone charges and goes asleep not sleepy like always* ok back and I'm doing my homework and using wattpad yass ok I just finish ok my school first of all we have supervisers and don't care what we do I was punching a guy infront of one and did nothing and I won the agreement. Two the school is infection with cockroaches. Three with are not aloud to scream outdoors. Four the girls bathroom toilets keep braking. Five the school is infection with cats coming from my block I live more down the street so up the street my school is in the backyard view. Six supervisers aren't helpful. Seven the school doesn't have a gym so we run in the grassey field and its mostly weeds. Ok wolfs I'm tried of the topic I like my school but there's a lot of flaws. Bye my wolf pack also join the pack today if not already and become a wolf today

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