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Aurora never went back to Hogwarts - to be totally honest, she never even left her bedroom - but she didn't care, school was the least important thing to her right now. Why bother with grades when the second Wizarding War was quickly on it's way?

Deep down, she knew she wasn't alone, yet she felt extremely alone. Everyone seemed to have been able to get back into their old routines; Fred and George were getting their shop ready for the big opening - of course though, Fred visited the girl every single day. It was hard for George to drag him out of Grimmauld Place to work- The Order seemed to be going by doing their own stuff. Then there was Aurora, the girl who felt completely and utterly broken and did nothing other than lie in her bed. She was even failing with sleeping; every time she closed her eyes, the images of her father disappearing into the archway would flash through her mind.  

Mrs Weasley constantly brought the girl food, however she didn't touch any of it. This worried everyone around her due to the extreme weight loss that happened to her. Her eyes were crowded by large bags which seemed to have aged the girl slightly too fast. 

What was even worse was that there was no funeral. No chance for her to say goodbye to him. She didn't even read the newspapers after coming across one that was actually celebrating the death of Sirius Black. He still hadn't been pardoned, something she was looking forward to when he was still alive. She always wanted to be able to live in a small country house with her father, go out on adventures with him and now she will never get the chance again. 

Aurora weakly pushed the duvet off her body. She felt almost exposed without with, over the last month or so it had become another skin to the girl. Her feet touched the wooden floor and she shivered. Letting out a sigh as she pushed herself off the bed, her knees buckling underneath her causing her to quickly grab hold of the bed post. She quickly regained her balance before trudging out of her room and down the corridor. She couldn't even use her magic to apparate downstairs due to the lack of energy that consumed her body. 

Aurora's frown deepened as she walked down the stairs and heard quiet whispers in the kitchen. She pushed the door open and the chattering stopped and everyone's eyes turned to face her. She ignored their sympathetic looks as she walked over to the cupboards. She didn't even pay attention to who was in the room as she swung the cabinet door open wrapping her skinny fingers around a unopened bottle of Firewhiskey.

"Aurora, honey," Mrs Weasley's gentle voice called out. The black haired girl finally looked up, her tired, emotionless eyes scanning over the face of Mrs Weasley; who was sat besides her husband and Ginny, "That's not a healthy breakfast. Let me make you something."

Aurora shook her head, "No," She muttered, her voice quiet and raw, "I don't want to be any more of a problem," She continued unscrewing the bottle and taking a large gulp of it, not even wincing at the burning sensation it left when it went down her dry throat. 

Mrs Weasley frowned as she quickly stood up out of her chair, her heart breaking at the girl who she thinks of as a daughter hurting so bad. She quickly took the Firewhiskey bottle out of her hand and placed it down on the counter, before wrapping her arms around the girl's body bringing her into a comforting hug, feeling her skinny body shiver whilst she stroked her hair.

Aurora felt like crying. Yet, she couldn't; it was almost as if she cried all of the tears her body had inside of it out and there was none left. She did, however, gently wrap her skinny arms around Mrs Weasley's body, for the first time in a very long while. 

"Come on, dear," Mrs Weasley said sniffling, "Go take a seat besides Ginny and I'll make you some breakfast," She said moving her body slightly away from Aurora's and looking up at the girl, "Please?"

Aurora sighed and glance down to the floor before slowly nodding her head at the woman causing her to let out a content smile as she placed a gentle kiss up on the girl's head. As Mrs Weasley moved away and began to take out any ingredients she needed from the fridge and cupboards, Aurora slowly walked over to the dining table where Ginny pulled a chair out for her. She gave her a small thankful nod before she sat down in it, not even daring to look up at the youngest Weasley or Arthur. Until a gentle hand placed itself onto her shoulder. Her tired eyes travelled from the wooden table in front of her and she looked up at Arthur; who was now standing behind her with a reassuring smile on his face.

As she nodded at the man, Ginny took one of her hands in hers, gently rubbing her thumb over Aurora's dry, skinny knuckles. And in that moment the girl realised that maybe she wasn't alone. 

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