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"Chris, Chris?" I searched for him, as he disappeared. We needed to hurry packing because the plane would leave in an hour and we neec to go because they require passengers to be there an hour or so before the flight.

I crouched down,getting my bags, momentarily forgetting the missing Chris case so everything's done, then we can just go straight to the airport. I held then my side (which apparently hurts a little bit, still), while carrying my bags. I shouted for Chris again, but the door was opened. I was confused on who would open it, but then I saw blue eyes.

"Chris! You were here!"

"I hailed a taxi so you wouldn't have to drive, come on!"

Everything was a blur.

Things happened so fast that I forgot why we were even going to the US. Chris dragged me everywhere so we wouldn't be late for anything, and shoved me inside vehicles so the operator won't get pissed. I feel like I'm out of myself today.

"The party's gonna be tomorrow night and Robert said we're staying at his house."

What!? Robert really does like inconviniencing himself, right? It's absolutely okay if we stay in a hotel!

Chris nudged me and I snapped back to reply. "Well, okay, if he wishes so. Isn't that inconvenience enough for him to handle alone?"

"I think so. He's short and also has a short temperance."

The both of us snorted inside the taxi, making the atmosphere awkward moments later. Oh Chris, please speak up! I know you love breaking the ice.

Since he didn't speak, I decided to.

"I brought my swiss knife, even in the inspection area it's on me and they never saw it, or felt it when they did a physical inspection. I don't know why I got away with that." Actually, this was an interesting story I just remembered now. I don't know how that happened.

The taxi driver looked at us from his mirror, and I snorted. I shouldn't have said that, I might get in jail.

"Amazing. So you took my piece of advice even if you can get in huge trouble?" Chris said, taking my left hand and started to play with it.


"Ooh." Chris said, raising both his eyebrows. I didn't know what he was fascinated about. "You're becoming much more like Loki, huh? So that does mean I am in charge?"

"Of me?"


"Maybe. But you didn't stop me from bringing a swiss knife, so.."

I get that this time was supposed to be jet lag but then it's so awkward. Maybe it's the stares of the taxi driver. He might be staring at us because of my swiss knife story, or because he knows us.

Chris spoke. "Your hands are bigger than mine, even though I'm taller." I scoff at Chris playfully, then replied.

"By, like, an inch? Yeah, not a problem."

"It's a problem that my hands are smaller!"

"Why do your hands need to be big?"

Chris bit his lip. I see that he wanted to laugh.

"Yes they do."

We looked at each other for a split moment, and then we broke into a fit of laughter.


"Tom, Chris! Be my guest." Robert said upon our arrival, sticking out his hands for a high five. We didn't leave him hanging for a long time.

"So everyone's sleeping over too? But the party is tomorrow?" Chris asks. "What a very Robert way of being excited."

The three of us chuckled. That was indeed Robert when it came to parties. He would be the most excited man in the room and he is the one who will most probably prepare a month before a party out of all of us.

"Oh, get in. Your rooms have doors colored red and white. You just pick which room you want," Robert makes way for the two of us to get in. "And I will definitely let you stay here until the showing of endgame next week. If you escape, there will be an execution, Asgardian way. Toodles!"

"I pick the red one." Chris suddenly informs me, and I comment on his choice before getting in the room with the white-colored door.

"So you really like red, just like Thor, huh?"

Chris chuckled. "No. I just said that back in an interview so I could answer the question. But then you butted in and answered it for me."

"Deary, I'm so sorry!" I apologized. Did he think that I was a nuisance that day? Oh my, why do I have to be so rude? Ugh, why am I like this?

"No! Don't say sorry and deary! I'm positive you will say those words in the same sentence for hours even if I tell you that I have nothing against that happening."

Well, that was true. I laughed, getting sidetracked for a moment. "But I'm really sorry."

"It's nothing to be sorry for!" Chris chuckles. He waved goodbye and entered his room.

Well, time to unpack.

I was almost asleep when a knock came to my door.

"Get in!"

"Tom?" Chris enters my dark room, with ruffled hair and a pillow, which he was hugging. This sight in front of me was so cute, I mean, I can gush right now!

"What is it, Chris?"

"Do you still have insomnia?"

"I think the vitamin c gummies already wore off."

I sat properly and gazed at his blue eyes. "I can't sleep. Can you help?"

"Well, um, I can sing a lullaby? Though I'm not good at-"

"You played Hank Williams," Chris cuts me off. Um, Hank Williams singing a lullaby? I don't think so.

"Hank Williams doesn't sing lullabies. Just, don't expect much when I sing. My voice is hoarse and will probably dissapoint you. Lay beside me if you wish to proceed." I instructed, which he followed obidiently, while still looking cute. I guess men really can look cute.

Here goes nothing.

I sang, trying my best. Chris interrupted me. "Thank you. This is the best."

"Thank you. But I frankly think it's not."

"It is. Such a sweet lullaby. Thank you."

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