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A Great War happens between the 3 factions: Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels. Their faction leaders died alongside with the 2 Heavenly Dragon. One question remains? Who kills them? A nephalem. A being who is half angel and half devil.

His name is Estarossa Blaze. A being who recognized strong by every faction. His power still lingers in their mind. He practically made a sun attack and kill the dragons. He also manages to crush any magic that comes attacking him. The side of him making the area around him separated from each other imprint in their mind. His godlike strength that manages to kill a high ranking fallen angel in one punch.

The sight of him swing in his ax still scares them but even he is not invincible after fighting the leaders who are strong. He then disappears from the battlefield.

He then reappears once more during the civil war to defeat the Old Maou faction but his injuries did not heal fully. He keeps pushing his body until his body is broken. He then delivers his final attack thus finishing his last breath. His body disappears in a particle of light. The New Devils Society recognize him as a hero but as time passes his existence only recognize him as a myth. But soon his power will be used by someone who promises to be stronger than himself.


A 6-year-old boy is walking through a forest. His body is pretty beaten up. His name is Escanor Knight. A noble family of a country. He is the second son of his family but was neglected by his family. His brother and younger sister are prophecized to bring greatness to the country while he had nothing and no greatness will come to the country.
He is considered trash in his family. The servants act rudely to him. His brother always beat him with his younger sister. They always mock him and call him trash. His parent did not even notice his existence.

Until today, he heard whispers about killing him since he is rumored will bring chaos to the country. He immediately packs his things and runs through the forest the minute he heard the news. Luckily, he manages to steal a boat. He then boards the family and looks at his homeplace. No, That was hell to him. The boat keeps sailing and he eventually fell asleep.

Then he wakes up and sees a storm come to him. He sees his death. No way he will survive the tornado. He cries after remembering his life. Not a single happy moment. Why is his life not fair? He was neglected, abused and mocked. He cried and the storm hit him. He closes his eyes and already accepts his fate to die. Then his body is an envelope in alight and he disappears from the storm.

He opens his eyes and sees he is in a cave. Then someone cough. He then sees a white-haired man. He instinctively tries to run but the man speak."Calm down young one. I will not harm you." The man said in a kind voice. He then starts to calm. Then the man clapped his hand and many plates of food and glass of drink appeared in front of him."Why do not we eat first?" The man asks while smiling. He just nods.

Then he starts to eat. He eats the foods hungrily. The man laughs seeing that. Escanor feels weird since the man did not even eat but he keeps eating. He then finishes eating the foods and drinks the glass of water.

"Thank you, mister, for giving me foods and water." He thanks him. The man just smiles."It's nothing Escanor Knight." he said and Escanor wide his eyes. This man knows his name."Calm down, I will not harm you like those people in your country. It's hard to believe that human will hurt a child. I already know about your life. I pity you and at the same time admire you. You keep living with all the hatred around you. You are a strong boy Escanor." The man said and Escanor cries. He cries happily since this man calls himself strong. Someone never said to him. They always call him trash and weakling.

The man then hugs him and comfort him. For the first time, he feels warm. He hugs the man back while sobbing.

A few minutes later

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