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Everything was just so white and painful. No color, no sound, and no peace. Where was Keira?

"Keira?" Someone whispered softly.

Please don't go away.

Please stop the pain.

I'm dying. She thought grimly.

Please help.


The voice sounded farther away as she welcomed the white blind pain again...



There were so many static sounds.

Where was she?

Keira realized that she was drifting back to conscious when she heard people screaming at each other. The buzz around her ear was going away slowly. What were these people talking about though?

"I did what was necessary for her to stay sane. You can't seriously blame what the bitch did on me, do you!?" 

"And you didn't think to stop her before everything went out of the hand? She has triggered the curse, dammit! You know she'll change and it will be your fault!"

"Yeah right, anything happens just throw me the blame! It's easier that way, isn't it? Oh, he's already evil, why not blame the dark soul, right!?"

Keira tried opening her mouth to stop them from yelling loudly but she couldn't even move her lips a centimeter. The ringing in her ears grew as their yelling match continued.

Please stop...

Please let me sleep...

"Hey, look! The princess is finally waking up!" Someone cheered softly taking her almost numb hands in their own. She could feel her body wanted to wake up but her eyes did not dare to open up. Why was she feeling like someone has thrown her out of the window and then crushed her under a truck? But wait, what!?

Where was she? What happened?

Come on, eyes open! She screamed internally. 

"Oh...let her open her eyes fully. Careful, she can go into shock." Someone again talked but this time it held more authority. She blinked twice and opened her eyes only to close them again. Harsh daylight surrounded the place making her blink repeatedly.

Why was everything so blurred? She thought with a grimace.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" She wanted answers but she only managed to choke those words out. 

"Keira, can't you remember me?" Someone asked with an odd panicky voice. She couldn't see who it was due to clenching her eyes closed but soon she realized it was someone she knew But who?

"Water." She whispered at the same time someone thrust a glass of water in her shaky hands. Forcing to drink the water, she had no choice but think of what happened for her to pass out.

Once she was fully satisfied to clench her thirst, the same person took the glass and wrapped their arms around her to help her sit properly. The other person in the room covered the window, cause it felt like the light dimmed a little. Just then she opened her eyes that felt too heavy to open.

After trying a few times when she was sure that her blurriness was gone, she took into her surrounding. She was laying on a soft king-sized bed with lace curtains hiding her view to her right. To her left, red walls surrounded her, not to mention the large bookshelf was also reflecting the color. Her gaze turned to the side to see a door to maybe another room, but the thought quickly vanished when she saw railings from the window. It was a door to the balcony. The first thing that came to her mind was this place was totally different than her room.

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