Chapter 14

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Ray looked so surprised when he saw me,his mouth opened up.

I was so caught up in to looking at ray that vector looked confused.

"Do you guys know each other?"vector asked.

"No vector...what's your name mister?"I asked.

"My names raynaoldo but you can call me ray. What's your real name?" He asked.

Oh yeah he thought I was sky but vector just told him I was Olivia!

"'s...Olivia."I said looking down at my beautiful dress.

He walked into my room as vector sat on his bed and started to use his phone but he kept his eyes on me as well.

Ray's clothes were a bit dirty. He sat down on a chair and so did i.

"Well i have studied English and past history with my father and I am going to teach you lesson...9.9.."he said.

His eyes seemed watery.

I looked at my brother as he was on the phone with father now but he wouldn't leave the room.

Ray took out some papers and I had to write my name on them.

"I thought sky was a beautiful name..."ray said but vector looked at him then he continued

"You know this lesson is regarding this book so you'll read this paragraph and write it down in notes here."ray finished giving me papers.

I looked at him as I started filling out the worksheet and he read from the text book, and then he looked around the room at my things.

I finished the passage in 20 minutes and gave him the paper.

"Olivia..Mr.vector.. I hope you don't mind but I have to take Olivia to my bag downstairs,it's by the door because I left this important paper and she just has to sign it. May I take her for just five minutes?"he asked.

What are you doing ray! Vector would never!...

"What paper?"vector asked.

"The paper that she will sign is about this class and if she has done the test it will only take three minutes..and I will wrap up my paper work and put them into my bag.then we could talk about that offer,right?"ray asked as he wrapped up his stuff.

"So you changed your mind about the offer huh?..since you did that..."vector said as he started thinking..

"So?"ray asked.

"Ok go! But be back soon,and Olivia! Taylor's about to come so be ready,Oh and ray..after Olivia leaves go to the main room we have to talk about your next job.."vector said.

"Ok.."ray said as we rushed down stairs.

Ray took me out side of the building into an old shaft room where his bag was.

"Ray what are you doing here? I'm so happy to see you!"I told him.

"I can't believe you lied to me! Your Olivia?! Olivia can't be YOU! Your getting married in about 8 days sky! How's the posable! That you didn't tell me! Your this rich girl,your Olivia! Your getting married to Taylor aren't you! You didn't even seem to tell me! sky-uhh-Olivia- I'm just a street rat to you!"he said as he took out a paper I had to sign.

"That's not true ray! Yes I am Olivia and I had to lye to you because I wanted to see if you would love me for me or just for money! Every one here from my family to the servants from Taylor's family to every one who was born on this side of the gate! Everyone here uses each other and they are money hungry! I was tierd of people just likening me for my position I had to..and I don't want to get married to Taylor!"I said to him as I grabbed a pen.

"Sure Olivia you don't! You wouldn't pick up my phone you wouldn't text me you didn't even see me for three days and this all marriage crap of yours and you didn't even tell me! I care about you! I really really do! I love you! But you..?!!"he said.

"They locked me up! Taylor stole my phone and I came yesterday night but father pulled me away from you!he locked me up in a garage and is wanting me to smile fake to every one there! Taylor hates me as well and they are just doing this because...I can't tell you just yet.."I said.

"Wait...your...not happy with this up coming marriage?"he asked.

After signing the paper he slowly put it away.

"Not at all! But... How did you get here?"I asked.

"The day you left me and you went to the vacation that day,my city got bombed..

Every one was crying and my family died everyone! But before my father died he said his last words to me..He said..Ray your adopted. Go to the other side of the black fence and hide there while you still can!"ray said.

"Adopted? fence....the gate.. You live on the other side!"I said.

I was shocked because I knew my father bombed that place and he did that for me to own that city! He's going to give it to me tomorrow!

I never knew ray could live there!

Then that must mean...

"Ray your an.. Aldarege!"I asked.

That one family that my family hates he's from there!?

Taylor's father and my father hate his family,Taylor wouldn't know ray but father might! I'm going to have to hide ray from father and ray's father.

"More like I was-I don't know but I'm hiding from your father..he might know me! This is so risky you know!"ray said.

If father see's him he'll kill him in no time at all!

"Wait a minute! Did vector give you a job offering?"I asked.

"Yeah to be your what's-it-ma-call-it!.."he said.

"Servant huh? Don't take the job!!! I want you to live free!"I said.

"I was going to say no."ray said.

He picked up his bag.

"Was?"I asked.

"I'm going to take the job...because I want to keep seeing you! Were going to stop this marriage together!if your with me that is.."ray said.

"Yes I am!"I said a little worried.

"Then let's be a little more careful!"said ray.

We opened the door but then all of a sudden Taylor walked in.

"Be careful about what??"he asked!

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