[15] Incoming

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We are completely and utterly lost. I know it- anyone with a single brain cell would know it. Evidently, Atty has even less in that gorgeous head of his because he doesn't seem to think we're lost. At all.

Noticing my incredulous expression, he blows out a breath and chuckles. Atty merges into the right lane and says, "I'm telling you, I know where we're going."

"I'm sure you meant that as reassuring, but all I hear is stubborn bravado."

"Stubborn bravado? Isn't that practically your brand?"

Well, he isn't wrong about that. Doesn't me he can get away with it though. I settle deeper into the leather seats, circling my thumb on the door handle. "I believe you Atty, you totally know where you're going," with an innocent giggle I add, "and if you don't, I can help with the hitchhiking when our gas runs out."

When his one eyebrow tilts up in his signature confused way, I slide out my left leg from the high slit of the dress and perch it on the dash, the red velvet heel resting gingerly against the black plastic of the car.

I'm so tempted to add a playful 'if ya know what I mean' but that would be overkill. I'm sure he gets the message.

Atty's eyes widen and I don't miss the way they roam over my one leg before he smirks. "Put that down, this is a rental." He probably meant to be stern, but the effect was lost since his words were laced with laughter.

I settle back down and am ready to launch into my next round of complaints about our lost path when there's a sudden drop in speed. Atty takes a sharp right up a slight hill, into a hidden plaza that houses only a handful of buildings. Huh, okay. Let's see what's in here... a laundromat, a used book bookstore, a rundown workplace injury law firm, another laundromat- that's a bit excessive... and an ice cream shop.

My stomach grumbles at the mere sight of the cartoon cone with three scoops. Oh lord, it's because I skipped dessert. Atty leans over, hovering right above my shoulder. "You're welcome."

When I turn to face him, he has a smug grin plastered across his face, as expected.

"There's no way you planned this. That's good luck is what it is."

"What? No way, I totally planned this."

I only snort in response, refusing to believe. "I did," he tries to convince me.

"How could you possibly know there's an ice cream shop here? You don't live anywhere near here!" I'm quite proud of myself for that sound logic. With the restlessness in my belly, it's a wonder I haven't dashed out of the car yet let alone had the presence of mind to attend to Atty's lies.

"Well yeah, I mean I had to look it up on a map beforehand..." he trails off as he pulls up directly in front of the store and cuts the engine. The flickering florescent sign perched above the entrance way reads 'Cone Kingdom', flanked on either side by large animated graphics of cones and Sundays adorning the spotless fake-shutter windows.

Then it occurs to me, Atty looked this place up before we left? "Wait, how did you know I would even want ice cream?"

He tilts his head, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. "You're Jade."

"I am Jade." I mumble, completely preoccupied with the store once again. Okay, enough with the waiting. Once I've made that decision, I'm out the car and into the shop so fast Atty hustles to keep up. He might be saying something, not that I would know. I'm blown away by the menu on display behind the counter. How can so many flavors exist? Can I eat them all?

The peppy gentleman behind the counter turns as soon as we approach but Atty holds up a hand, signalling that we're not ready to order yet. Good, I need time.

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