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I clutch my red dress closer to myself,

Twirling in the moonlight.

Unwavering optimism twinkling.

Vivid selenophile, me.

Lightning strikes the ground beneath.

I catch my breath as the first bout of rainfall

Gravitates towards me,

Laving me in its kind mist.

I dance in the darkness, much like a peacock

Spreading my crimson skirt as I giggle, 

Blissfully ignorant

Of the perils in the night.

The Earth must love me as a daughter,

For soon, the raucous lightning recedes.

The echoing thunder leaves

Nighty serenity in its wake.

I bounce, laughing joyously

As I riot around in the strong shower

Is this a crime I commit?

No. I think not. 

And so I dance and dither away.

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