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Barely two weeks had passed since Nicole and Peter's return to high school after their adventure in Berlin and nothing was happening

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Barely two weeks had passed since Nicole and Peter's return to high school after their adventure in Berlin and nothing was happening. Of course they were stopping crime and everything but they had not received another call from either Tony Stark or Rose Walters for their next mission. Honestly, this was making Nicole wonder whether the whole 'being-recruited-by-iron-man' was a one time thing. Well at least she wasn't taking it like Peter who was bombarding Happy with a multitude of texts every day.

She chuckled softly before she opened her laptop and went to her blog. It had been a while since she had written something for it and on top of that she had writer's block but thankfully it had now faded away and she was in a much better place, writing wise. She opened her drafts and clicked on a new post, typing out the title for it.


Even as Nicole was going to type the beginning of the first sentence, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and didn't look at the caller ID, her mind still on what she was going to write. Then a very familiar voice came through her phone.

It was Rose freaking Walters. "Hey kid, you busy?"

"Miss Walters!" Nicole exclaimed, nearly jumping out of her chair in excitement. "H-hi! I'm not busy! Not at all! Is there something you wanted? Because I'm totally free!"

Rose chuckled lightly over the phone. "Kid, calm down. It's nothing much. Except I think I've figured out something about your powers and I wanted to tell you about it."

"What? What is it?"

"Can't tell you over the phone, Nicole. Do you mind dropping by my place? And bring your suit too if you'd like."

"Sure!" Nicole nodded excitedly, even though Rose couldn't see that. "I'll do that. Uh...where do you live exactly?"

"Manhattan, but I'll text you the address, okay?" Rose said. "Can you come by in an hour?"

"Can I come by in a hour? Yes of course, I can come by in an hour!"

"Okay then, see you soon, kid."

Rose hung up, and Nicole put down her phone and squealed loudly. Thank god her sister was not at home today; or else she'd get a scolding for disturbing her. But she couldn't contain her excitement at all; after all Rose Walters was her freaking idol and she was going to be in her apartment.

"Oh I need to text Peter about this!" Nicole opened her messages again and started typing what she wanted to say

gone with the wind

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