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Staring at the window for too long, Renjun decided that he won't be able to do anything productive for the day. He silently hoped that time would pass by quickly so that he'd be able to se her again, and little did he know, that she thinks of the same way too.

"Renjun, you look sick. Are you sure you're okay?" Jeno snapped Renjun in to reality when he waved his left hand in front of the younger.

Renjun blinked once. "H-Huh? Were you saying something?" He sighed. "I didn't hear it."

"You're losing yourself, hyung. Are you really okay?" Chenle asked.

"Oh, Chenle, you're here?" Renjun just realized that his younger friend arrived. He was into his thoughts that he didn't even notice everything around him.

He received a glare from the younger, "Hello to you too, hyung." Chenle said, while sipping his milk tea. "You probably didn't hear anything we said earlier."

"H-Huh? Were you guys really talking about something when I was zoning out?" Renjun asked, confused.

Donghyuck groaned, "I swear to god, I just want to smack you in the head. Just one time."

"You know, Renjun. We all know that you miss her, but please. Lend us your ears. Just this time." Jaemin laughed.

"This sucks." Renjun said.

"What, exactly?"

Renjun sighed. "It sucks that I feel like this. It's not like we're dating or something. The feeling's not even mutual. It sucks that I just wanna see her everyday, hear her voice—everything. It sucks that I feel hurt and happy when clearly, I don't have the right to."

Jisung chuckled, "Is this Mark-hyung I'm hearing?"

"Seriously, dude. You're just dumb." Jeno said. "You may be the top student in our class but heck, you're stupid."

"What are you saying?" Renjun asked.

Jeno scoffed, "The person clearly likes you. Why can't you notice it? Are you that blinded by your ego?"

Jaemin nodded, "We aren't stupid, Injoon. You two fought before, am I right?" He asked, bit he got no reaction from the Chinese male. "We saw her enter the cafeteria crying." He sighed, "Did something happen?"

Renjun tried to recall all the times they used to talk to each other without awkwardness surrounding them. He remembered the time when they were at the locker room, but he couldn't remember a time when they literally fought. Well, he could remember how Ningning gave him a cold shoulder for a long time, but Renjun still don't know the reason why.

"I... don't know." He started. "I don't know the reason why she avoided me... When I asked her... she just... said everything was alright and that I didn't need to worry..."

"Are you sure you didn't do anything?" Donghyuck asked.

Renjun nodded, "Of course I'm certain! Why would I do something?!"

"Then why would she react that way if you didn't do anything at all, hyung?" Chenle asked.

"Are you sure you didn't do anything back then, hyung?" Jisung asked.

"You guys... why do you have to interrogate me like I murdered our neighbor's cat or something?" He raised a brow. "I swear, I did nothing wrong."

"Alright..." They nodded.

"Just be careful, okay?" Donghyuck said.

Renjun nodded. "Of course."

He suddenly remembered why, why did she act like that all of a sudden? I doubt that she's just frustrated with school or something. Chenle's the first in their class and yet he doesn't act lime that, not that I'm comparing, though.

Was it something he did? But he couldn't remember anything he did. He was just trying to be friends with her, and trying to get to know her better.

But now, Renjun was certain. If he has to play a song in front of her everyday, then he'll do it. If he has to wait for her outside her dorm every morning, if he had to walk her home every afternoon, he'd be more than willing to.

Jisung patted Renjun's shoulder. "Here." He handed him a piece of paper with numbers written on it.


"That's Ningning's number." It made him smile just upon hearing it. "So that you would have something to do other than sulking and staring at the ceiling the whole say." Jisung sighed. "Text her."

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