Back Together

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Today we will get Izuku back.
I repeat the thought over and over as we are on our way to the base of the League of Villains.

Midoriya's POV
It's the next day. Why hasn't anything else happen? I thought I would be dragged around, hurt, maybe blackmailed, or used for something. I'm getting scared. I don't know what's gonna happen. *BANG* I yell out as something bangs on the door I'm guessing. My scream autioble but muffeled. More extremely loud bangs, shots, shouts. Everything was so loud. What's happening. After about half an hour of these terribly loud noises, someone opened the door to where is was. I scooted back against the wall behind me, tears still falling. I felt my body shivering, I didn't realise how cold it was. Then the person spoke in a gentle but determined voice, "I found him!" All Might? Someone else rushes in as he helps All Might untie me. The new guy was crying very quietly. After everything was off I heard more people enter and a huge hug around me. Everyone was crying. After a good give minutes of hugging everyone let go except for one.

Todoroki's POV
WE FOUND HIM! I CAN'T BELIVE HE WAS HERE. Everyone comes into a group hug, with my Izuku in the middle. As everyone else lets go, after what seemed like forever, I still held on, never wanting to let go. "Come on, lets get out of here before anyone else can come." Aizawa Sensei said as was all nodded. I pick Izuku up bridle style and he hung onto my torso for dear life. He was still shivering and crying. I kiss his forehead and use my left side to warm him up. We walk back, all stay quiet because he fell asleep in my arms. Probaly exhausted from all the crying. He looks so peaceful. We continue walking and we were about five minutes away from UA, and Izuku started russeling around in my arms. I think he's having a bad dream, I aggust him in my arms so his head is on my shoulder and he calms down. We all walk through the entrance and split off. Everyone exhausted and in need of a good nights rest. "I'll take him to Recovery Girl so she can do a check up." I say to All Might, he nodded in agreement. I was off to her office.

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