Flirty Mischief-Petyr Baelish x Reader

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The clashing of steel on steel brings my attention to the window. I stand and place my needlework on my bed in the guest room in the Riverrun castle. As I got closer and closer to the window, images of the current tensions with my family and the ruling Targaryens flash in my mind.

I place my hands on the sill and lean out and spot two men, one much bigger than the other, dueling. A crowd forms when the bigger one's face is revealed to me.


I run to the door and slip on an overcoat and shoes and fling open the door. Racing down the staircases, I have to dodge servants bring Lord Hoster Tully different items so I can get to my brother on time.

By the time I get outside to the dueling grounds, the smaller one, which I see now is Petyr, is on the ground bleeding from his chest wounds. Brandon lifts his sword to him when Catelyn and I hold him back.

"Please spare him! I've known him since we were children. He is like a brother to me." Catelyn pleads.

Steam seemed to come out of his ears as he looks to me.

"She's right, Brandon." I stand on my toes to reach his ear. "Father would be very unpleased if you killed your betrothed's family ward." I lower his sword hand and he drops the sword with a thud on the ground. Catelyn sighs with relief and I turn to the servants. "Get him to the maester!" I yell. They scurry to get him up and to the maester's chambers, Petyr groaning the entire way.

Catelyn goes to stand and calm Lysa as Brandon whispers to me this time. "May I have a word with you?" I nod and follow as he storms off into the castle and up to his chambers. He opens the door for me and I enter, him behind me. He slams the door unintentionally and I sit on the bed.

"It makes me look like a weak ruler to our future allies when my baby sister questions my decisions." He paces, sending a glance my direction every now and then. "He challenged me, I wouldn't have done it if he didn't challenge me first, Y/N."

"You would seem cruel if you didn't show any type of mercy. Do you know who does that, Brandon? Do you want to be compared to him?"

"I am not the Mad King!" He exclaimed. He took a deep breath before speaking again. "Thank you, Y/N, but next time, don't be as out there with your hatred of my decisions. Telling me that is fine in private or subtlety, not in public or obviously."

"Okay. I'm sorry. I'll be more careful." I mutter and stand up. I walk over to him. "I'm going to go make sure he is going to live," I say. His expression falters and looks almost annoyed. I hug him and walk out before he says anything else about it.

I hold my dress out of my feet's way as I head down the stairs to the maester's chambers. I knock and he opens the door. "Lady Stark? What can I help you with?"

"I came to check on Petyr's health. Is he going to live?"

"Yes, he should be fine. I sewed up the wound and gave him a sedative." He nods.

"May I see him?"

He stared at me as if I was a danger before opening the door wider for me to enter fully.

On the table to my left was Petyr without a shirt on but all of his chest was covered with large bandages. "May I be alone with him? I will give him anything he needs when he wakes." The maester nods and give me instructions on what to do when he wakes before he leaves.

The largest bandage on him goes from his neck to his lower stomach. It was soaked in blood while the others didn't have anything soaking through them.

I touch the large one and his blood comes off onto my fingertips, staining them. I pick up unused bandages, a cloth, and a bowl of water.

I get a grip on the top of the bloodied bandage and slowly start to remove it, trying not to disturb his rest. It is sticking to his skin and it is a lot harder to come off than I previously anticipated.

"What?" A weak voice speaks, cracking, almost as soft as a bird. Petyr's eyes are open slightly and staring at me.

"Your bandages are too bloody. I need to wash it and change them." I whisper.

"You're a lot easier on the eyes than that maester was." He tries to laugh but winces.

"Thank you, though that isn't saying much." I laugh. "Now stop making yourself laugh, it will hurt you more than what's needed."

His eyes still barely opened, he turns his head to try and get a better look at me. "Who are you? You're to pretty to be a servant and your hands aren't callused."

He doesn't recognize me. "You are very observant!" I chuckle. "I am Y/N Stark." I reply, pulling more on the gauze. His eyes widen. "I'm not here to hurt you. I came to check if you were going to be okay." I try to give him the sweetest smile I could muster.

The last of the bandage came off and I watched his stomach rise and fall slowly. The stitching looked morbid. That would definitely leave a scar. "I am so sorry about Brandon's actions." I wet the cloth and gently wipe the blood off of his stomach.

He winces. "That hurts more than I remember." He huffs out a laugh. "Though, I think I fought for the wrong lady." He watches my face as I continue to clean. "Why is the lovely Y/N Stark, sister of the man I dueled, checking on me and now cleaning my cuts?"

"I already said, I wanted to make sure you were going to live and I might as well stop you from getting an infected chest wound." I try to wash the blood from my hands in the water. I pick up the clean bandages and unwrap them.

"I'm betting Lord Brandon is not happy that you are here. With me." He smirks weakly.

"You are correct." I laugh. I finish up the new bandages and stand. "That feel better, Petyr?"

He watched my eyes. "More than you realize." He gives me a soft mischievous grin. He picks up my bloodstained hand and kisses it. "Thank you, Lady Y/N. Cat definitely wouldn't have done this for me."

I blush as I realized that I touched his bare chest and the meaning of his words. "Anytime." I smile. I hand him a bottle of milk of the poppy. "Drink this."

"Hopefully I will dream of you, my lady." He whispers. I curtsy as I make my way to the door. I begin up the steps to my room, a smiling mess the whole way up.

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