They Win

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David, Snow, Mother Superior and I were at Golds shop. Mother superior held her wand up trying to unlock the door but it wasn't work. The wand dropped to the floor. Mother Superior yelped in pain.

‘’He's cast a protection spell’’she said

‘’Then we need to try something equally powerful’’Snow said

‘’Dark magic?’’David asked

‘’Dear, you don’t know what your saying’’

‘’Cora cannot get that dagger.’’I said crossing my arms. As much as i don't want to use dark magic, if it can defeat Cora, then so be it.

‘’If dark magic is the only thing that can break down the protection spell we need to make an exception and use it. just like You told me and Rose once before’’Snow said.

‘’I never told you any such thing’’

My eyebrows fused together. Umm, yeah she did when she gave us that candle.

‘’Look we kept your secret’’I started to say but we were interrupted with a phone ringing, David's.

‘’Everybody hold on’’David said, answering the phone/

‘’Emma…he told you where it is…’’ David then looked at the clock tower.


Rose and Snow hurried to their mother's room. Now back from there journey. They ran into their mother in her bed and  ran to her side

‘’We are so sorry. We have done an awful thing’’Snow said

‘’Snow, Rose. What is it?’’The Queen asked

‘’We went to the blue fairy and begged her to help. To save you with magic. But what she gave us it was dark magic’’Rose explained

‘’A candle that could restore your life by taking away someone else's. It was the only way’’Snow finished for her sister.

‘’But we couldn’t do it’’Rose said. Their mother nodded, happy that they didn’t use the dark magic.

‘’I'm so sorry. We could of healed you. but we were to afraid’’Snow said.

They girls had tears running down there faces that seemed to not stop.

‘’Oh Snow, Rose. That wasn’t fear that was strength. Strength to resist darkness. I am so proud of you both’’Their mother said to them.

‘’But now you wont get better, you will still be sick’’Rose said

‘’We all reach a moment in our lives that we are not meant to get better and with or without me someday you will be a great Queen, Snow and a great Princess Rose.’’

‘’Please don’t leave us’’Rose and Snow said together, desperately to their mother.

‘’As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your hearts I shall never leave you’’

The Queen took one final breath and then her eyes closed. Her breathing had stopped. t=The Princesses looked at their mother. Their smiles dropping.

‘’Mother?’’rose asked the girls started sobbing.

‘’No’’snow said softly. Snow faced Roselina and they hugged eachother, sobbing into eachother's shoulders.

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