Living Again~ Twelve

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We walked side by side along the beach in comfortable silence. It was a nice to be outdoors. It was pretty early in the day so it wasn't crowded, just a bunch of people sunbathing and others in the water.

"Wanna race?" He suddenly asked.

"No, you'll probably win."

He flashed a half-smile. "Yeah I will, but since we didn't go to the park, I want to run here."

"Why did you suddenly decide to come to the beach instead of going to the park?"

He looked past me towards the crashing waves, looking thoughtful. There was a light breeze and I watched as his hair blew off his face. Then he shrugged and simply said "I thought you'd prefer coming to the beach."

"Well, that's true. I used to love the beach!"

"Maybe you should start loving it again." He suggested. What an odd way of showing his thoughts. Gosh, this boy could really get in my head. Even though I wanted to avoid his remark, my curiousity got the better of me,

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"Let's sit right here." He motioned to where we were standing. I followed his example as he made himself comfortable by splaying his legs in front of him. We were in a position so that the waves crashed smoothly over our feet. I watched as the waves repeatedly collapsed upon our legs, the movement was soothing.

I noticed that I always kept a fair distance between myself and Ethan, so that our bodies weren't touching. I hoped he didn't take it as an unfriendly gesture. I just wasn't used to the idea yet.

"So," He said picking up a seashell and examining it, "Imagine yourself going to the beach this time last year. What would you do?"

I thought for a moment, then a smile formed on my lips as I found the answer. "Bonfires, picnics, swimming, sunsets, collecting shells, oh and long walks with-" I stopped abruptly as a trail of memories guided me towards thoughts I had been trying to avoid.

"With?" He prompted. I didn't answer. So he started guessing, "Your friends? Parents?"

I shook my head. My voice was barely a whisper as I told him, "With Chad."

His tense face snapped towards my direction. That obviously caught his atteniton. "Chad? Your boyfriend?"

"EX-boyfriend."His features relaxed a little. I shrugged. "I didn't contact him after....the incident, and I guess he grew tired of trying to get through to me."

He didn't say anything for what felt like a long time. I wondered what he was thinking. I watched as he twirled the sea shell with his fingers. Somehow the silence made me want to elaborate, tell him everything that I've been holding in. So I did. 

"Actually, Chad and I, we've known each other since we were in diapers, he was my childhood best friend." I picked up a random shell, just to give myself something to do and continued, "And once we reached our teenage years it just seemed right for us know..start dating and all."

"So you miss him?" He finally spoke, his voice emotionless.

"I don't think so. To be honest, I hadn't thought much about him, or even my friends, in the past month."

"Ok." He threw the shell he had been toying with far into the sea, then stood up. I brushed the sand off my clothes and it took me a while to realise he was stretching. Was he going for a run then?

"Oh Marissa, do you mind if I borrow your phone? I forgot mine in the car and I need to make an urgent call." 

He remembers he had to make an urgent call while stretching on the beach? "Yeah sure." I took it out and handed it to him.

He looked at it for a second then back towards me, then he grinned wider than ever and yelled "Catch me if you can!" and ran off with it. For a second I just stood there, shocked. Then my senses kicked in and I ran after him on the beach. I slipped off my flip-flops so I could gain speed. With every step my feet would sink into the sand, my heart thuded faster. The wind blew my hair backwards and the adrenaline rush was exhilirating. My legs sprinted and the burn running all the way up to my hips was amazing. I had forgotten how good this felt. To just run and run, not caring where you're going. Just letting go and being care-free for a while. It was like flying!

I looked ahead, still running, and my eyes widened. Ethan had turned around. He was standing a few meters away from me. Panting. I was going to run into him. Literally. And before I could stop myself, I crashed into him with so much force that it knocked us back towards the ground. With me on top of him.

We were both gasping for breath. Too tired to move from the position which should feel awkward, but didn't. Then he smiled so mesmerizingly that I had to smile sheepishly back. When we could finally breathe properly, I got an idea to get my phone from him. The hand he held it in layed on his chest, near my leg.  

I maneuvered myself so that our noses were almost touching. I couldn't read his expression as I looked him dead in the eyes while tracing my hands on his chest slowly. His eyes widened a little at my sudden mood change, but I had to do this to get my phone. So I leaned in gently, enough so that our lips were less than an inch apart. I could feel his breath speed up. Then I very calmly got a hold of his hand, he was too hypnotised by my gaze to notice what was going on. I simply yanked the phone out of his hand and got up, laughing hysterically.

I watched as his stunned experssion changed to fury. "What the hell Marissa?!"

I laughed so much I was gasping for breath. After finally calming down slightly I said, "Well I had to get my phone back!"

"What a tease. You could have just asked me politely for it." He scowled.

"But it's just that.." Another wave of hyterical guffaws followed "You looked so.." More snickering, "shocked!"

He narrowed his eyes at me and clenched his jaw. "Are you done making fun of me?" He actually looked pretty cute, I liked him when he was angry, like I told him before, it was amusing.

"Yes, I am." I bit my lip, trying to keep in the laughter I would feel escaping.

"Then let's go." He murmured at walked past me, back to the car park, without a glance backwards. Was he really upset about this? I mean, I was just fooling around! I followed after him, struggling to keep up with his long strides. He was way ahead of me so I just gave up and walked at my own pace, too tired from all the running.

When I finally got to the carpark I couldn't find him or our car everywhere. Shit. This is not good. Ok so maybe I made him angry but that does mean he can just leave me here! Panic kicked in. What am I going to do? I don't even have any money on me to pay for a cab! Some people never change, Ethan Reed will always be a meanie jerk.

I ran a hand through my hair. I decided to get out of the parking lot and into the main street so maybe I could get a cab. Somehow. Urgh I hate him. So much. I'm going to kill him!

I was stomping out the lot when a car honked from behind me. I turned around and there it was. Well, there HE was. Relief screamed from every part of me. I had never been so happy to be honked at. I ran towards the car and got in.

"Oh my god Ethan! You scared the hell out of me! I didn't even have money for a cab! What on Earth were you thinking? You, mister, really need to learn how to take a joke! I really-"

He stopped me by leaning in and pecking me on the cheek before I can stop him. I was stunned.. and confused. His eyes were gleaming as he smirked, whispering,

"I got my revenge. Now we're even."

I just stared at him. All this to get back to me. Damn, and I fell for it. I hated losing! I pouted as he winked.


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