Part. 2

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                                                              A Few Days Later

(F/N) put another empty beer bottle into the snowman's head, he brushed around the bottle so it would be an easier target. (F/N) walked a fair distance away, the frozen snow crunched,  it was still freezing and snowing, but the wind had died down. He would look on the bright side whenever he could.

(F/N) looked at the snowman that he had constructed, it had two empty beer bottles for eyes, a stick for a nose and arms. And another beer bottle for its...unmentionables. (F/N) took a deep breath and stared down his prey, he flexed his fingers, just hovering over his revolver. (F/N) let out a soft whistle, then held his breath so it wouldn't obstruct his view.

In a flash, he pulled out his gun, pulled back the hammer, and fired. The arm of the snowman snapped off. (F/N) smiled to himself and holstered his firearm. He pulled his jacket shut, god it was cold out but he wasn't dying anymore.

Suddenly, he heard clapping from behind him, (F/N) turned around, Arthur was walking up to him. (F/N) smirked, and nodded, he turned back to the snowman. Arthur walked up to his side, "I knew you hadn't lost it."

The fast gun smiled, "Does Miss Grimshaw want me for something?" Arthur shook his head, "No, I just wanted to talk with you."

(F/N) raised an eyebrow, "I never pegged you as that sort of guy."

Arthur chuckled slightly, "Dutch wanted me to check on you. You barely spoke to anyone since we've been here."

(F/N) shook his head, "How do you think I am? We all got chased away at gunpoint from Blackwater. We lost Jenny and Davey, and we got no idea where Sean and Mack are. Then we all get trapped in a frozen hellhole. I don't know how it could get much worse for me."

"Don't forget about your Pa being here."

(F/N) sighed, "We mustn't forget about him."

Arthur looked at (F/N), he felt bad for him, "Look, Dutch is..." he interrupted.

"Does anyone else know about our...relationship?"

Arthur shook his head, "I think Hosea might be figuring things out, but I think everyone else is in the dark."

(F/N) cracked his knuckles, he knew it could be worse, "Well I'd rather Hosea find out than...someone like Uncle or Karen."

Arthur laughed at his assessment, (F/N) smiled, "I love the old man and Karen's like a sister to me, but Uncle would threaten to tell people if I didn't give him 10 dollars and Karen can't keep a secret.

"I still don't know why you just don't tell everyone. It'd be like yanking a bullet out of yourself. The sooner it's out the sooner you can treat it."

(F/N) shook his head, he was growing more serious as they kept speaking, "If people knew they'd treat me differently. Can you honestly say that everyone would treat me exactly the same if they knew who my Father was?"

Arthur didn't reply, his silence gave (F/N) his answer. As he turned his attention back to target practice, his mentor decided to test him.

Arthur pointed to the snowman, "Why don't you give it another shot, aim for the eyes this time."

(F/N) licked his lips and held his hand just over his revolver, this time he focused on the two glass bottles that were right next to one another. The young man grabbed his gun, and there were two bright flashes. All Arthur saw was a blur, he smiled when he saw one hole in each of the snowman's eyes.

(F/N) smirked to himself as he holstered his gun, "Well I think it's safe to say that I am the fastest gun in the gang."

Arthur smiled, "Fastest gun in the gang? You keep shooting like that they'll call you the fastest gun in the east," he paused and thought to himself, then said, "follow me, I need your help."

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