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Hey, so I know I haven't posted in, like, two months, but I seriously tried to write, I promse, I just couldn't. It took a lot out of me to write this chapter, and it's not my favorite. It's kind of jumpy and I don't really enjoy reading it. I rewrote this chapter, though, like five times, and I finally just gave up, and kept this. Sorry for the wait. I at least hope you enjoy reading this. If not, sorry times 2!! By the way, this is not edited at all, so if you spot any mistakes please let me know! Lots of love, Joy.


   ELEANOR seemed to be having a bad day. A frown sets on her young face, a crease dancing between her two furrowed eyebrows as she stares at herself in the mirror. She normally never wears makeup, and never will, but today her face just looks dead. Dark bags hang under her eyes and red marks are in splotches on her round cheeks. Her light brown hair is in wavy knots, looking as if she hasn't brushed it for two weeks.

Honestly, she looks like a mess, and she doesn't know why. Her siblings, knowing of her aggravation, has kept to themselves, deciding not to bother her. Fred tried asking her a question earlier and she completely flipped out on him, to which he told Unie, their best friend, causing him to call her. That ended up with all three of them getting in an argument about privacy.

Letting out a sigh, she looks away from the mirror and down at her phone. Moose didn't reply to her text the other night, but he did send her something this morning. She hasn't read it yet, mainly because of her pissy mood, but it's starting to get the best of her. Tapping the app, gently, she presses on Moose's name, which she set as 'Mo,' and silently reads it.

Mo (9:24):

I started playing, hated the sound, and quit. Got any more advice??

A soft look runs across her face, and she pushes back a strand of hair. She quickly types a message back to him, her lips starting to quirk upward.

Eleanor (2:47):

Stop being a quiter, and try. If you don't like the sound, play a new one.

It wasn't the best advice, but she didn't know what else to say. It wasn't like she was good at comforting people. She was horrible at it. Yesterday, she tried giving Lucy Moose's number because he hadn't texted her, but Lucy declined, saying that he'll think that she's a stalker, or something. Eleanor didn't know what to say except that he had texted her, and Lucy didn't react to that very well.

The fifteen year old was fueled by boys and flirting. If she isn't talking to a guy it's probably because she's in a relationship, or she's too busy doing something else.

El, on the other hand, has never even been with a boy. She's never been kissed, and it's Lucy's first instinct to make fun of her for it. Every time El is spotted talking to a slightly attractive male, Lucy has to jump in and say that she's the most unexperienced girl ever. Not that it's a big deal because, truthfully, all of the guys El has spoken to are too big headed and cocky.

Her phone suddenly starts to vibrate, causing her to jump. Closing her eyes in annoyance, El turns her phone on, and sees that Moose had sent her two texts.

Mo (2:50):

Great advice. Might use it when I'm older and can't play anymore. Thanks.


That was a joke, btw. I would never just naturally be rude to you.

The creeping smile finally finds its way on her face, and she rolls her eyes, teasingly.

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