Be warned, I started this story at the age of 14/15 so it is a little bit cheesy and a huge cliché. Sorry not sorry! There are errors, probably lots of them but I will hopefully edit this story in the future! ^^;  Hope you enjoy nonetheless! 




I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock and groaned in my pillow, realising what day it was - The first day back to school. Thinking about it made me wish it was still summer. Late nights, no homework, parties, it all seemed far away now.  

Reluctantly I sat up on my warm bed only for the cold air to greet me. I shivered. Although it was just the end of summer, England's weather was still colder than most places.  

I pushed my blonde hair back with my hand and swung my legs off the bed. I looked at the alarm clock - seven AM. I sighed and walked to the bathroom to have a shower. I better get used to these early mornings again...

After washing my hair and body I stepped out and placed the towel around me. I walked back in my room and found my uniform - black skirt, white shirt, and a red and black tie.  

I shoved my clothes on and gazed in my long mirror. My blonde hair reached down to just above my stomach - I had bits of black and red through my fringe. You could say that I was one of those rock and punk kind of girls. I had curves in mostly the right places and my school clothes hung around them showing them off. My skirt was quite short but it was nothing compared to some of the other girls' at school.

I looked at the clock again and saw it was almost quarter past eight. I grabbed my bag, phone, Ipod and earphones and walked down the stairs. 

My dad was sitting on the kitchen table reading the morning newspaper. A mug of coffee was resting in his hand. My dad was tall with dark hair, and I got my blue eyes from him. My mother died when I was eight and living in Scotland. My dad and I moved down to England for a new start. It was too hard to deal with her death back home and I hated getting looks of pity.

"Hey Dad," I said, he looked up and smiled.  

"Good morning Lexi, try not to be late for school." He replied. I rolled my eyes and took a piece of toast from the large plate. 

"Yeah, yeah. I know," I laughed. My phone vibrated in my pocket. A text from Becca.  

'Hey, I'm standing outside your house. Xx' 

"Well Dad, I've got to go," I shoved the bit of toast in my mouth and walked quickly to the door. Becca was standing just down my drive way. She had dark red hair that reached just past her shoulders and brown eyes. She was my best friend and ever since I moved to England she has had my back.

We had been friends since the first day of school. She was like a sister to me. Always happy to help me and she was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.  

We were both popular. Hung out with populars and partied with populars. Always centre of the gossip, which was not a good thing. Sometimes I found myself wishing that I wasn't popular. It was annoying. I always got dragged to parties and everyone expected me to be 'perfect'. It wasn't all that great.

I shook my head out of my thoughts and walked down to her. 

"Hi how're you?" Becca said to me. 

"Not bad," I replied, I knew what she was talking about - I had just broken up with my boyfriend last week when I found out he was cheating on me with a girl from another school. I didn't blame her though. She talked to me saying that Jason didn't tell her that he was already dating someone. And of course, being me, I believed her. She didn't look like the type of girl that would be a bitch. She ended it with Jason too and then we became friends. Her name was Sarah.  

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