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But it is different

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And AU where everyone lives/no one dies

So like, Alexander and Phillip (and John) are alive!

Also, requested by ducktaleslover123



Eliza was an overworking person.

She had established the first private orphanage, just as she had planned.

Her husband, Alexander had other plans.

Both were overworking.

Alexander as politician, a president's secretary of Treasury.

Then John Laurens and her younger sister Peggy marriage coming soon.

And Philip having crushes at age of 13.

Eliza sighed as she put the Angelica's letter down.

She wants that her family goes to take a break and take a vacation all the way upstate.

Eliza wants...really she wants but can't.

She sighs as she puts her letter down.

-time skip-

"You sure you don't wanna go with us, Betsy?" Alexander asks.

She nodded.

"Orphanage needs my help. However, I will come to upstate before summer is over." She smiled.

Alexander nodded, carriage already waiting.

"I love you, I will miss you." He said and he kisses her.

She kisses him back and smiles.

"And I will miss you too. I love you." She stays with him close untill small Alexander Junior whines.

"Pooooooopsssssss I wannnnnnnnaaa goooooooooo....." Alex Jr. whines and Eliza giggels.

"Be strong, my warrior." She picks him up and kisses his cheek.

"Ewwww, wuv you momma. Byeeee." He says as Eliza lets him go as Alexander and his son get in yhe carriage and Eliza waves again as carriage gets moving.

She takes a glance at her house.

Time to take a work.

-time skip bought you hamilton references-

Eliza sighs and bangs her head against desk.

Then she hears a knock at the door.

"I wonder who is it .." She gets up and goes down stairs.

What she didn't expect, when she opened the door, a pretty young lady.

She had a black raven curly hair, which was covering half of her face, brown dark eyes, and lips which were covered in crimson lipstick.

Her body tho ...


Eliza coughed internally to keep her bisexual status at minimum so she smiled sweetly.

" can I help you?" She says and notices that the woman has been taken a back and she blinks which gets her back to realization.

"I-- I know you are woman made of honor...Im so sorry to bother you at home.." She said a bit seductively, her eye lightened a small spark.

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