Chapter 32

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Natsu's P.O.V

It was already sun down. I have nothing more important and better to do than just sit down and look at her beautiful face. Yeah it's been already 3 hours since Mira gave Juvia my blood through IV and trust me it's just agonizingly slow.

I finally get up and walk out to the balcony but before I do my ears catch a very interesting conversation between, Erza and Gray.

"You know that this is gonna end up badly for everyone one, right?" Erza asks Gray. He sighs.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be this way for all of us. And don't worry I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you...or the baby." Wait, so Erza already is pregnant...?

"Gray how long are we gonna keep lying to them? They're our friends and Natsu is like your brother. He deserves the truth." Erza whispers to him, she sounds so tired and sad. I sympathize her. You see Erza is the type of woman to help everyone and always stays strong even if she's breaking down inside. But with Gray, he was the only one that managed to break down those walls and get to see the real her completely. Their love is the type of love that will make it through anything, and will always remain no matter what.

"Erza..." Gray says but before he gets to finish she tries walking away. "I'm done with the lying Gray. I can't keep living like this anymore. If you don't want this baby that's fine but I can't keep lying to everyone or myself. I need to be strong and live right for the baby and myself. Even if it means...that you won't be a part of-" but before she can even finish there's just a slight gasp that comes from her. My curiosity gets the best of me and I peek.

"I didn't know when would the right time be, and with everything going on I couldn't bring myself to do it but here I am now. On one knee asking you Erza Scarlet to please accept my proposal. I know I've been a bad person, but you changed me in ways that words can't even describe. You've made me a better man and for that I will forever be grateful and since we have forever why not share it together. See the world. Have this baby, and be the best family. I can't promise you that everything is gonna be perfect but I can promise effort and to always love you no matter what comes, as I've done it since the day I've met you until now. You're the light that shines my darkest night, the love of my life, and most importantly my soulmate and mother of my child. I love you, Erza. Will you please make me the happiest man alive, and be my wife for the rest of eternity?"

Damn, Gray finally grew some balls. She's the first woman he's ever taken seriously. And I'm glad he finally mustered up the courage to ask her to marry him. "Yes. Yes, yes. Oh my God, yes!" She says crying and hugs him after he slips the ring on her finger. After everything bad that's been going on, we needed a little happiness and joy. Especially those two love birds that have been going through this pain with me.

"Natsu, you can quit eavesdropping now." Erza says, and I squint. Crap. I've been caught. "In my defense I was just coming for some fresh air when Gray decided to finally grow some balls and make it official for the rest of our eternity. She laughed and Gray just scratched the back of his head. "Too cheesy?" He asks. "You did great pal, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad the both of you get the happiness you both deserve. Also why the hell would you hide the fact that I'm gonna be an uncle?!?" I punch his arm playfully. "Listen flame head I just didn't wanna put more pressure since the Juvia situation. I know it's been tough."

"Gray you're like my brother and Juvia would've wanted this. I know she would want you to be happy." I smile but tears well up in my eyes. "It's okay bro, we're gonna get her back and beat these witches. They'll get what's coming to them soon." I nod and Erza does the same. I'm just glad that some of us get to have good moments even though it's not a good time. It's like Juvia always says. In the worst of times it's when the greatest strength and hope forms.

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