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Lexi wanted to make Mr Walker uncomfortable so he would just think that she was a slut and leave her alone. I'm sorry I didn't explain it very well ^^;

Yeah I know the whole 9 chapters are in a day but if you think of it this way: They are quite small chapters. The only main thing that's happened is the Gym class, the detention and part of the dinner. But don't worry I have a lot of ideas to last me a long time :) I have seen some stories that have the whole nine chapters about one day, so it's not that unusual.

Yeah, she's still in the band, there's a mention about the guitarist and drummer in this chapter, :) And in the next couple of chapters you'll be introduced to them =)

I know she doesn't seem popular to begin with but I don't want to chuck you a whole lot of characters 'cause then this story will get MORE confusing for you ^^; The main characters that are important for now is Lexi, Mr Walker, Becca, and Jason. And also Cain and Damian (Who you'll get introduced to in this chapter) .

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A week has gone past from that extremely long day - who would have thought that I have survived being with Mr Walker! Amazing, right? I had completed all the detentions (Thank God!) and thankfully nothing awkward happened again. I still can't believe that I tried to seduce him at dinner! My stupid plan didn't even work! He's still been smirking at me like nothing happened. But anyway...On Tuesday morning Becca had demanded to know what happened and I told her everything. When I mean everything, I actually mean everything. I had told her about the detention, where I tripped over a ball (Silly me!) and dragged Mr Walker down with me, I had even told her about her cousin, Chloe! Well actually she knew I was hiding something so she forced it out of me. Then I told her that Jason came to my door and I flirted with him and then kicked him in the 'place-where-it-hurts.' She gave me a high five for that. The news that Mr Walker had watched it and was my new next door neighbour surprised her. She told me it was fate. HA! Well fate is just horrible for making me go through this!

But here I was sitting in the head teacher's office. You may be wondering why I'm here? Well don't worry; I didn't seduce Mr Walker THAT much. I was in here with Mr Smith because he's talking to me about my grades. Ah, I think I would rather be with Mr Walker! And that is saying something!

"Your grades are falling, Miss Parker." He said. I sighed. Okay, this wasn't really news to me. My grades are falling but the classes are getting quite difficult and I'm not the world's best concentrator and I can't remember every little thing they shove down our throats, can I? "I'm going to get you a tutor."

"A tutor?" I choked out. I stared at him, wide-eyed. I may have been here a few times but never once had he mentioned getting a tutor. Wow, my grades really must be crap.

"Yes, Alexis." He replied.

"But...Why?" I asked stupidly. Ah, me and my stupidity. That's what got me here in the first place.

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