She holds your hand for the first time

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You had only been on a couple dates with Ashley so far, but she hasn't really made a move yet. You wanted so desperately to make a move but you didn't want to push her boundaries and make her feel uncomfortable, so you decided you'd wait for her to make the first move.

You were walking down the sidewalk next to her, the sun had set hours ago and you actually weren't quite sure what time it was, but you didn't care. She had taken you on a really nice date- going to a park and getting some ice cream before going out for dinner and watching the sunset. You kept switching from looking at her and your feet hitting the ground when she'd catch you staring at her. You saw from the corner of your eye that she kept staring at you and it made you blush, you were afraid that even though it was so dark, she'd still be able to see the bright blush on your cheeks. You blew out a breath of air and sighed, wishing that she'd just make some type of move. A kiss, brushing her fingers against yours, even just a kiss on the cheek you'd be happy with.

As if she'd read your mind, you felt something warm in your hand. You looked down and saw that Ash had grabbed your hand in hers, both of you looking at each other and smiling, before you both looked down at your hands. "Is this alright?" You smiled and took a breath before taking a chance and giving her a kiss on the cheek, not missing the cute giggle that leaves her lips before she looked down at the ground just like you'd done many times before that night, every time you'd feel your cheeks heat up. "Yeah. I like it." You both giggled as she started swinging your intertwined hands back and forth as you continued to walk around the neighborhood, most likely the opposite of where you needed to go- but you didn't care. You felt safe with her and you wanted to cherish this moment for as long as you could, never wanting this night to end.

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