20 | Chapter Twenty

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The studies chamber.

Macey's mind was blank, enthralled at the nothingness that was going on outside. Her cheek rested in the palm of her hand, with her eyes peering out the window, looking surpass the reflection before her. A shy smile occurred in the corner of her lips as she watched the snow float in the air, reminiscent of her short holiday.

Why couldn't it have snowed last week? With a small pout to her lip, she wished to frolic in the deep snow, wanting to let flakes float onto her tongue when she stuck it out. Macey imagined snow fights happening in the courtyards and students sipping hot beverages at the cafeteria. Silent laughter rumbled in the back of her throat, interrupting the silent lecture she was attending.

"And furthermore, there shall be a rise in sentries across the campus, courtesy of the alchemist leader." Lena's voice was soft yet stern, echoing in Macey's ear, which caused her to divert her attention towards the front of the room.

In the corner of her eye, Macey could see Shaz, scribbling down every word the elf said, muttering little something she couldn't quite understand. They had been in class for almost half an hour, but she had already forgotten about her lecture.

"Hey Shaz," Macey muttered, leaning down towards her. "What has Lena been talking about these past few hours?"

A sigh and a tutting sound resonated, emerging from Lena, who had her back turned towards the class, writing sigils along with the chalkboards.

"Miss Macey," Lena said with disappointment in her voice. "If you weren't daydreaming outside, perhaps you would have known."

She then spun around, glaring her gold eyes at Macey before laying them onto Shaz. "Shannon, care to enlighten Macey?"

Silence sprawled across the room. All that lingered was the soft murmurs of everyone's breathing and the low grumbles of Shaz.

"We're learning about energy adornments," muttered Shaz, piquing Macey's curiosity. She raised her brow, straightening her body in her seat, looking right into the professor's eyes.

"Please remain focused," sighed Lena, gliding her long slender fingers against her temples, pinching at the bridge of her nose. Macey couldn't help but furrow her brows, confused at their professor's sudden weary body language.

Her eyes weren't as bright as before, looking rather pale under the sheen of metals that surrounded them. The way she stood was also different. Rather than have highly raised shoulders, they were droopy, not showcasing her natural high stature body language. All the professors these days look tired.

It didn't take Macey long to figure out that the shadows attack had a powerful impact on the institute. The professors had their hands tied up, and the students didn't feel safe knowing that real monsters were lurking about. However, it was this reason that made Macey want to get stronger, to learn all that she could at Grendilton. She clenched her fists in anger, wanting to show whoever is behind this ordeal what happens when you mess with a moon mage and her friends.

"Certain items require powerful pockets of energy to work." Lena then held out a necklace, one made from pearls laced with gold trimmings and silver etchings. "This is called Poseidon's trench. It uses the moisture surrounding the recipient and heightens their water magic. Rather than summon tendrils, the user could cast waves of water, even tsunamis."

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