Twenty Four

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"Stay with me tonight."

My poor heart that had always been weak for him couldn't take the way he's gazing at me with pleading eyes right now. I was also fully aware of his hands around my waist tightly as if stopping me from making even a single step away from him.

There was absolutely no way I could ever leave him like this, so I only contemplated for a few seconds before nodding. Right after my agreement, I saw how relief took over his face as he closed his eyes, his lips forming a subtle smile before leaning his head against my shoulder once more.


We were in the living room. He was lying on the couch, fully covered by a thick comforter that I got from his room just a few minutes ago. His temperature was still a little bit high, so I had a wet towel on my hand to wipe his face, hoping it would somehow help cool his fever down. I noticed that he was sweating even if he was slightly shuddering. I got another wet towel to wipe the other parts of his body starting from his neck. Actually, I was a little bit hesitant to do it at first but then I realized now wasn't the right time to entertain my feelings.

I sat on the spare space on the couch next to him as I lowered the comforter down to his stomach so I could wipe his arms. I was doing it both gently and carefully so it wouldn't bother him that much. Then my eyes fell on his chest and noticed that his shirt was slightly damp.

Should I take his shirt off? My mind momentarily lagged at the thought. But then again, I shoved my reluctance because Baekhyun's condition was a priority. However, before anything else, I had to go get another shirt for him, so I hastily went to his room for the shirt and went back as soon as I got it.

"Baek, you have to get changed." I told him so he would be aware of what I was about to do.

I took a deep breath as I gathered all the strength I could muster to pull the upper part of his body. He opened his eyes the moment I had my arms around him and helped me took his shirt off. I was thankful that I was standing and all I could see were his shoulders and arms. I was still distracted though, I took the gray shirt that he was going to change into so he could wear it right away. I sat, facing him to help him pull the shirt down his waist and my traitor eyes lingered at the sight of his abs.

I already felt myself blushing while I moved closer so I could fix his shirt on his back when he suddenly wrapped his arms around me. I wasn't able to say anything, undeniably surprised by his sudden act.

"I'm sorry." He apologized in a weak voice.

My heart sank. He was sick and all but he was still thinking about what happened and I somehow couldn't help but feel a bit sorry that we both had to feel this way right now. I didn't really know what else to say, I knew I wasn't mad at him anymore or maybe I was never really mad at him in the first place. It was just the situation, which I believe he didn't have control over either. I couldn't let him think that I was blaming him when he's all sick and vulnerable in front of me right now.

"It's okay Baek." I replied. "Just promise me you'll get better soon."

He responded with a nod as soon as we broke the hug. I helped him lie on the couch once more and just when I was about to stand to fix his comforter, he urged me to lie next to him.

Again, how would I be able to resist him?

We snuggled against each other on the couch and didn't say anything afterwards. We both stayed in the same position for a while before I closed my eyes and listened to the quiet and eventually nodding off.



The first thing I did when I opened my eyes was to check his temperature by touching his forehead. I was somehow relieved with the thought that his temperature seemed to have gone back to normal. When I was about to step away, I felt him grab my hand, making me stop on my feet.

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