35 | Dante Albidone (3)

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heart shaped kisses...
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Having a boyfriend who's an actor definitely comes with its pros and cons

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Having a boyfriend who's an actor definitely comes with its pros and cons. You're so proud of Dante for everything he's achieved and done on Netflix, but you can't help but feel lonely.

Date nights turned into work nights and FaceTime calls, and coming home dates began to get further and further postponed

Alas, you never wanted to say anything and ruin his rehearsals, so you waited and stayed as calm as you could, even though you were beginning to feel isolated.

You had no idea Dante was coming home. It was Valentine's Day, and you knew It wasn't going to be the same. Your good friend Eden messaged you saying there'll be working today, so Dante wouldn't be able to come home. But, she help you think of a perfect date idea

Sitting down in front of your laptop, you sighed. You and Dante had been dating for around 3 years, and it was your first Valentine's Day without each other. You knew it wasn't going to be a bit strange without him, but you didn't realize you were going to miss him this much.

When you pressed the facetime button and is said busy, your heart dropped. Did he forget? About to press the call button again, there was a ring at your doorbell. What was outside surprised you.

It was a bag of chocolates. Hershey's kisses. Your favourites. Turning the back round, you noticed a little note on the side.

Go to where we first met
- D

You gasped, eyes widening. This couldn't be real, could it? Looking outside, you laughed and grabbed a coat and jumped into your car. You knew exactly where the two of you first met.


You were in your favorite 24 hour diner, drinking a milkshake. It was late, and you didn't notice a group of teenagers walk through the door.

You were cramming in a two week project, and you needed to get it done by tomorrow morning. You were only the tiniest bit through.

'Are you okay? You don't know me, you just look really stressed' Your eyebrow cocked at the boy in front of you. He had brown curly hair, and tan skin.

He was kinda cute

'I would lie, but i'm trying to cram in a huge ass homework project'

'Well, do you want some help'

You chuckled, confused why this stranger would help you. 'That'd be awesome. I'm y/n, by the way'

'Dante. Nice to meet you y/n'


Entering the diner, you grinned. It'd been a while since you were here.

'Hi, was anything left here for y/n?' You asked the woman at the counter.

'Yes, actually. Y/n L/n?'

'That's the one' she passed forward a bag of love hearts, making you blush

'A very good looking boy came in here. Wouldn't be surprised if he came for you' you sent a smile in gratitude before leaving. Once outside, you checked, yet again, another tag

good job, now, where did we always used to hang out?
you're getting closer. i love you
- D

You switched your car engine back on, and driving to the local park, you and Dante went there almost every weekend.


'Dante' you began, flipping upside down on the monkey bars. 'we're gonna stay friends right? you're going away for a couple of weeks, don't forget about me' you sighed

Dante chuckled, swinging on the swing next to you. 'i pinky promise,
y/n. Besides, who'd wanna forget you?'

You giggled, jumping down. 'I'm gonna miss you' he stood up, opening his arms for you.

'bring it in l/n' you smiled as he engulfed you in a hug. You blushed. The thing he didn't know, you liked Dante. A lot. He just couldn't know.


Driving there, you noticed a sign with your name on, in cursive handwriting. Goddamnit Eden.

Rolling down your car you grabbed a bag of M&Ms, again, looking for the rose gold tag

this is your last one, baby.
i miss you too much.
meet me at the place we had our first date. i love you.
- D

You grinned. He actually remembered. Switching your gear stick, you hit the road again. You were excited, but so nervous. What if it turned out bad? What if he dumps you?

You shook the negative thoughts abruptly out your head, and turning down a road which led to the beach.

The beach was your favorite spot to visit. And you couldn't believe Dante actually remembered- which made your heart flutter.

Swerving down the road, it led you onto the boardwalk, filled with couples and little kids holding candy floss. Yours and Dante's spot, however, was in a small cavern on a quite part of the beach

Stepping out the car, you rested your jacket on your shoulders and took of your sandals, letting the sand touch your feet. Tentatively walking slowly to the water, the wind ran through your hair.

Where was he?

It made you calmer, listening to the waves drift in and out into the ocean. It was a safe haven for you.

'You look beautiful' you heard a voice from behind you. A rich, canadian accent. Standing up, you turned round

To see your boyfriend looking right at you, holding a rose. Your eyes filled with tears. 'Are you gonna make me stand here or not?' he laughed, as you shook your head in disbelief

He smiled, taking a step towards you and held out his hand. Still shaky, you grasped it, before laughing and rushing towards him, kissing him with as much passion as you could.

He seemed to get the message, his hands going immediately to your waist, pulling you closer to him. Locking your arms around his neck, you blushed

He separated, spinning you around. You laughed, before kissing him again. 'I missed you. So damn much' you said between kisses

'I missed you too. You have no idea' He mumbled, blushing

Separating from him, hands still attached. 'How long have you had this planned for?'

'Since last week. I wanted to make it special for you' he handed you a box, with a necklace in, making you gasp

'Dante, baby...you shouldn't have!' he pulled you closer to him, kissing the top of your head

You looked up at him, running your small hands through his hair. 'I feel cheap. All I got you was a cologne' you chuckled, looking down embarrassed

'It's fine, y/n/n' he smiled, intertwining your fingers. 'Let's go have some fun, shall we?'

You kissed his cheek. 'We shall'

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