Making Love Under the Willow Tree

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Prince Taryn and Tiernan strolled through the garden, holding hands. They were both sunken in memories of that night seven weeks ago when the spell had been lifted, and yet, they also had one direction in mind. The old willow tree.

Seven Witches had given them their blessings.

I wish you eternal love and happiness
•I give you the ability to make up after every fight
•From me, you will have an understanding of the other one's needs
•passion and endurance are important too
•a life in prosperity and modesty, it's opposites and not
•I wish that you will always see past appearances like you did. There is more than meets the eye.

And then the last witch approached them, the one who had cast a spell on Taryn when he had been an unborn child. She took one of Taryn's hands and one of Tiernan's and put them over one another. "And I give you the blessing to have a family of your own, once you're ready, and a peaceful marriage that will see you both as equals." They hadn't seen her coming back or leave for the second time, but they often thought back to that particular blessing and the witch. She had seemed to be evil, but she had given them the greatest gift. The gift of love.

All of those wishes came true for Taryn and Tiernan. Under the old willow tree, they stood and kissed. Secluded from the world, they gave in to desire. Stroking, sucking, licking and tasting. But they weren't patient and soon Tiernan was buried between Prince Taryn's legs. They moved and panted against the tree that held them upright. Tiernan kissed Taryn's ecstatic moans away and enjoyed adding new ones at the same time. Sweat covered the men. Tiernan sucked on Taryn's Adam's apple. He tensed when he felt the Prince's unexpected release against his stomach, and he stopped moving altogether, too caught up in the beauty of Prince Taryn...

And they all lived happily ever after.


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