Love Always Wins

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Tiernan's tears drenched Taryn's face. The guests were all confused about the scene that unfolded in front of them, and they didn't notice that the witch had approached the two men. Tiernan lifted Taryn's mask off his face. The guests gasped. The Queen turned in the King's arms to look away. Taryn's scars were not red anymore, they were an ugly black like the veins on his shoulder and pulsating too. Beautiful Taryn. I love you, beautiful, beautiful Taryn, Tiernan said and ran his knuckles over the Prince's face gently. The Queen blinked when she processed the valet's words. And before she could say a word, Tiernan kissed Taryn in front of guests, guards, servants, witches and fairies. The witch laughed out loud and clapped her hands three times. A violet veil hid the lovers for a brief moment, and when the veil was gone, Taryn was awake, and his skin was smooth. He was confused but smiled, and when he felt his face, and he was normal, he laughed out loud. His eyes were glued on Tiernan's. A murmur went through the quiet guests. Tiernan helped Taryn to his feet and didn't keep his hands or his eyes off the Prince. They had broken the spell. Taryn kissed Tiernan passionately, and cheers, claps, and whistles became louder. True love's first kiss, the witch told the King, squeezed his shoulder and vanished into the crowd. The King had expected a slightly different outcome of the night, but in the end, he saw that the spell was lifted, his castle was filled with happiness and laughter, and he had to admit, that love always wins.

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