Prince Taryn Takes a Bath

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The King contemplated the Queen's words, and he had to agree. His son had changed since he had a valet. And yes, there was general happiness at the castle. Meanwhile, Tiernan had ordered Taryn into the bathtub. It was filled to the brim, and the water sloshed out when he sat comfortably. Goosebumps were all over his skin. Tiernan felt them underneath his fingers when he washed the Prince. He was sure the Prince knew how to wash himself, but every opportunity to touch Prince Taryn was a welcome one. He licked his lips when his hands dove into the water and kept his eyes on the Prince's. The valet let his hand glide up and down the hardening flesh. The dilating irises were like a reward. Taryn's breath came in puffs. The feeling of a stranger's hand on his most private parts, stimulating him was new and overwhelming. So very different from when he did this for himself. His legs trembled, and the muscles in his upper body tensed. He grabbed the rim of the tub and held on for dear life. Sounds he hadn't known he could make filled the room. His head fell back, and the world ceased to exist. Jet after jet of semen shot out of him and into the bathwater. He deflated, unable to keep himself upright. Tiernan lifted the Prince out of the water and kissed the black pulsating veins on his shoulder. Prince Taryn chuckled. The valet got the Prince dressed and ready for bed before he went to retrieve their dinner. Their dinner. Prince Taryn had insisted that Tiernan kept him company that evening and shared his bed at night again too.

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