The Picnic

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Prince Taryn listened to many stories the Princesses told. Some were funny, others were bragging or intellectual. It was an entertaining mix, but none of the Princesses captured his attention. They strolled through the extensive garden in the direction of the picnic lawn. While he walked with the Princesses, who all tried to show as much cleavage as possible to entice him, he realised that the bosom was not what aroused him. It was the curve of his valet's behind in his tight pants that made his mind drift. It wasn't the fair skin of the ladies that he longed to touch, but the tanned arms of his valet. Taryn hesitated. Was it proper to have these thoughts? He had seen Tiernan naked, and he had felt his boner this morning too. It had been beautiful. And then in the hay, mere moments ago, with the valet on top of him; it had been the perfect moment for a kiss, but nothing had happened.

Two Princesses began to sing a song while the others danced. The food was spread out on a blanket, and the Prince sat down. He laughed at the carefree behaviour of the ladies. Behind him, Tiernan stood with a stoic face.

"Sit down and eat, my friend," Prince Taryn invited, patting the space next to him on the blanket.

Tiernan was conflicted. He knew that it wasn't proper to accept, but it wasn't acceptable to deny his master's invitation either. He sat down and looked at all the delicious food. He took a grape and sucked it into his mouth with a 'plop'. The Prince laughed out loud, and Tiernan decided that he liked the sound of that. "Again!" the Prince demanded, and Tiernan obliged. Grape after grape disappeared in the valet's mouth and Taryn couldn't tear his eyes from the man's moist lips.

The Princesses ran inside the castle when dark clouds came up, and the wind became stronger.

Taryn and Tiernan laid back and watched the clouds. They pretended not to notice that their thighs touched and that the Prince's hand lay on top of the valet's. And when the first drops of rain started to fall, Taryn began to laugh. He was happy with Tiernan by his side. Hesitantly he lifted his mask from his face and closed his eyes. The feeling of the warm rain on his skin was like magic. Tiernan gasped. Not out of shock, but because of the beauty of Prince Taryn. He had never seen a more perfect human being and again, he suppressed his yearning to kiss the Prince.

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