hide & seek

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Tiernan woke up with his arousal poking the Prince's back. He was embarrassed and willed it to go away, but Taryn's smell was even stronger than when they had lain down, and it was hard to ignore. Taryn stirred, waking up and the valet held his breath.

Taryn felt the other man against his back. He was a man now too. Old enough to marry and have his own family. A man. He smiled. He rubbed his eyes and moved away from the hot skin against him. Instantly, he felt cold.

"Good morning, Master Taryn." Tiernan greeted the Prince and got out of bed. He got dressed and asked if the Prince wanted breakfast. The Prince nodded but told his valet that he would have his breakfast with his parents in the dining room, not in his bedroom. He said that he preferred company when dining.

Prince Taryn stood in front of Tiernan and looked down at his naked feet. This little gesture made his hair fall forward and cover his face. The valet didn't like it. He felt an itch in his fingers to brush the hair away, but he refrained. Instead, he helped the Prince to get dressed again. Button by button the pale skin of his master was hidden beneath the clothes. Tiernan brushed the Prince's hair with a brush and tied it together. This hairstyle made him look more mature. After the mask had been put in place, Taryn sighed. It was an exasperated sound, and again, Tiernan didn't like it. He had on his lips to say that Taryn shouldn't feel the need to hide his beautiful face, but it wasn't his place to say it. Wordlessly, he followed the Prince to the dining room and was excused to have his own breakfast with the other servants in the kitchen. Porridge again and a slice of fresh bread.

After breakfast, the King had arranged for the Princesses to meet Prince Taryn in the garden. They took walks and talked about superficial occurrences. Tiernan was always at the Prince's side. And when the situation became awkward and tense, the valet suggested a game of catch. The ladies were to catch the Prince. Tiernan took his hand without a second thought and ran with the Prince to the stables. There they hid in a box.

Taryn was relieved that his valet had seen and understood his need for a break and together they sat silently in the hay.

"How is it that you can read me like this after only a day?" Prince Taryn mused aloud. Tiernan wanted to reply when he heard steps. He covered his lips with a finger and pushed the Prince flat on his back, and covered him with his body. They were both panting from the excitement of being caught. Taryn had his hands on Tiernan's biceps and felt the hard muscles. A smile played around his lips, and he licked them. The valet saw the gesture, and it took all his willpower not to lean in and kiss his master. Tiernan knew that he should move off the Prince, but the way Taryn's thigh was in touch with his groin made him swallow a moan and linger. The Prince's breath and his own mingled. It would have been easy to forget his social position and give in, but approaching laughter broke the sensual tension that was building between the Prince and his valet. Tiernan cleared his throat and rolled off the other man. He thought the Prince looked disappointed, but he dismissed the thought. Instead, he helped Taryn up and brushed the hay and dust off him.

"Weshould get back," Prince Taryn said. Reluctantly Tiernan agreed.

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