Dressing Prince Taryn

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The valet scrutinised the prince who fidgeted under the gaze. Tiernan had been the servant to many young boys, but none had left him intrigued the way Prince Taryn had. He had heard the rumours, but the monster with the dark heart, but all he saw now was a shy boy who, was full of fear of the unknown. Tiernan averted his gaze and took a step back. The Prince seemed to appreciate this gesture, taking an audible breath. He squared his shoulders and told the valet to help him get undressed. No one apart from his mother and his nurse had ever seen him naked. It made him nervous that he was at the mercy of a stranger now.

The valet stepped closer again, breaching Taryn's private space. Without any fuss, he started to unbutton the shirt, sliding the tiny buttons through their holes. To Tiernan's surprise, the Prince's skin was fair. He had heard about the Prince working at the stables and chopping wood, he had expected him to have a worker's tan. Gently he slid the shirt off his new master's shoulders and watched the protruding dark veins pulse with a fascination he hadn't felt in a long time. He almost touched him but took his hand back at the last moment. Instead, he feasted his eyes on the Prince's ripped torso. His eyes lingered on the dark nipples and travelled down the trail of coarse hair that vanished inside his pants. The valet undid the trousers and knelt down to release the young master's feet from their shoes and socks. The pants followed suit, and when he got up, the naked Prince stood in front of him in all his glory. Tiernan had to lick his lips. If this boy weren't a Prince, he would have liked to taste him. He shook his head subtly and pushed the unprofessional and unsuitable thoughts away. The mask was still hiding Taryn's face. A tension builds between the men that made them both squirm until the valet declared that he would like to give the Prince a bath before putting him in fresh and clean clothes. The Prince just shrugged.

The valet danced around the Prince with a soapy sponge. The first touch startled the Prince. He had never been touched by anyone who wasn't his mother or his nurse. The feeling was new, and unlike anything, he had ever felt. Tiernan took great care to wash everywhere but kept away from his most private parts. He rinsed the sponge and lathered it anew, then he knelt down and washed Taryn's cock. Again the Prince was startled, and this time, he moaned. He felt himself harden in Tiernan's hands, something that had never happened with his nurse. Taryn felt Tiernan's breath against his scrotum and was disappointed when his new valet got up and stopped touching him. What Taryn didn't see was the fact that Tiernan was flushed himself, and he was glad to turn away from his new master's view. He took one - two - three steadying breaths and faced the Prince again with a smile. He now declared that he wanted to wash the Prince's face, who refused with harsh words. Tiernan, however, insisted and stood in front of the Prince. He brushed his hair out of the way and kept his eyes on the Prince's hesitating ones. With soothing words, Tiernan touched the leather mask. The Prince took a step back shaking his head. The valet was not a man who was easily discouraged, and he tried again. He felt the Prince's hands on his wrists, but they didn't hold him back. The mask was finally lifted, and Taryn turned away. "I am a monster," he said with a lowered head. Tiernan shook his head. "All I can see is a beautiful Prince," he replied. He touched the Prince's shoulder and made him turn. The Prince still tried to hide his face, but the valet made him look up. "I have something that will help the chaffed skin to heal faster." The Prince nodded, and Tiernan took a can with a white ointment out of his bag. He applied it carefully and reminded the Prince that his skin needed to breathe too. Taryn understood, but he didn't like it. He hated his face and didn't want to see it. The valet helped the young Prince to get dressed again, and when he tied his tie, he did so with his eyes fixed on Prince Taryn's. He reached for the jacket and combed his fingers through the Prince's hair. He smiled at the handsome young man in front of him. The scarring was bad but easily dismissed by the beauty of the Prince. "It's time," the valet announced and frowned when the Prince fastened the mask again. Taryn took one last look in the mirror before he left his rooms and walked down the long stairs. Tiernan was at his heels. The King and the Queen were already greeting their guests, and a quartet consisting of cellos and violins could be heard above the constant murmur of the guests. When Taryn met his parents, the busy chatter died down and made room for whispers and gasps. The King announced the ball to be open and asked the Princesses to come and introduce themselves to Prince Taryn. And they did. What they didn't know was that the smile on the Prince's face wasn't due to them but to the valet standing close and whispering made up facts into the Prince's ear about every Princess. By the end of the audience and at the beginning of dinner Taryn was sure that he had never had as much fun as with Tiernan by his side. He would keep the man as his servant. Every time the valet's breath had grazed his ear he had felt his pulse sped up and a shudder running down his spine. For the first time in many years, he didn't feel like a monster at all.

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