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 Levy sighed before wrapping her light brown scarf firming around her mouth, nose and neck. She slipped on her super-comfy gloves and adjusted her thick black jacket. She looked out the library windows and saw the winds blow harder, making the snow travel faster. With every passing seconds, the already high snow would pile higher and higher, probable hoping to see God. 

Levy slowly opened the door. When it was fully opened, all the stacked snow fell into the library. She quickly closed it, whitch was surprising hard to do. She pushed one more time, before leaning against the door and panting heavily. 

"Let me in, Shrimp," a voice she knew all to well said. Her eyes widened before opening the door very fast. A large man stepped in and closed the door. He took off his black scark and rubbed all the snow off his unruling black hair. When he finished, he looked at Levy with his bright crimson eyes. "Tch," he said, looking away, trying to cover the blush when his eyes met her own. 

"What are you doing walking around in the blizzard," Levy said, crossing her arms. "You couldv'e caught a cold, Gajeel."

"Tch," he said, looking back at her. "I ain't worried about a cold.  What I am worried about is all this iron getting rusty."

He took off his leather jacker, leaving him in only a black short sleeved shirt than was obviously too tight. 

Not that I mind, or anything,  Levy thought.

"You're drooling, Shrimp." Gajeel said as he started to roam around the library. 

"I am not!' She said, before wipping the drool off the side of her mouth. "And don't call me Shrimp!"


Levy sat on the chair next to Gajeel. They was an uncomfortable silence between them, and the only noise was the raging storm outside. Levy was reading Jessie's Mountain but was barely even paying attention when she felt Gajeel's eyes burning into her skull. 

"Can you stop?" she asked, closing her book and putting it on the table.

"Stop what?" Gajeel asked, chewing on a piece of metal that he found in his pocket.

"Stop staring at me!" Levy said, agitated. "It's started to get on my nerves!"


"You're annoying, you know that?"

That only resulted in another laugh from the Iron Dragon Slayer. Levy only furrowed her eyebrows before getting up to leave. She walked through the library, still reading her book. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours, and she already had a stack of finished books by her side, and another stack of unfinished books on her other side.

Suddenly. a shadow came above her. She looked up, only to Gajeel. She sighed before returning to her book. Gajeel raised an eyebrow, before snatching the book from her hand. 

"Hey, give that back!" Levy said, trying to reach it, but Gajeel held it up. 

"The Beauty and the Beast?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the Solid Script Mage. "Really? Is that the best you can do?"

"It's actually..." she jumped. "one of my," she jumped again, "favorites."  She jumped again, but still missed the book. 

"It's a stupid book, if you ask me," he said, as Levy jumped up again.

"Well, no one asked you," Levy said. "Now can you give me the book?"

Gajeel pretended to think about it for a moment, before a smile crept on his face. 'What's the magic word?"

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