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Jennie PoV

We just finished at the art gallery it was so beautiful Lisa took lots of pictures of me. Calling me sweet things. Telling me how pretty I was after every shot she was taking. She's so cute. She let me take pictures of her to and I kept the ones of her she kept the ones of me. The photos came out really pretty.

The best first date ever..... with the most gentlewoman ever. Lisa made me feel so relaxed when I got nervous by stealing sweet kisses she makes me so happy. I'm in love with her.

It was around 8pm we got into Lisa's car.

Lisa: ok nini it's time to get some dinner.

Jennie: I can't wait lili I'm starting to get hungry.

After a 10 minute drive Lisa stopped at this cute little restaurant. She got out of the car opening the door for me and lead me into the restaurant with our hands intertwined together.

To say I wasn't blushing would be a lie my face might permanently stay this shade of pink.

When Lisa and I got into our booth it was really cute and cozy.

Waitress: hi I'm Amber I'll be your server for the evening can I start with any drinks

Lisa: can we start with a bottle of your best campaign please

The waitress nods

Amber: yes miss I'll be back with your drinks.

After a couple of minutes amber came back with our campaign and poured some in our glasses for us.

Amber: call me when your ready to order your food.

Amber bowed before she left.

We looked through the menu. Everything seemed really expensive and I don't want Lisa to pay for this. Maybe I can try and pay the bill at the end.

After looking through the menu we called our waitress and we ordered our food. The waitress went after we ordered.

Lisa smiles at me making me shy and making me look down.

Lisa: shall we make a toast nini

I nod raising my glass the same time as Lisa did.

Lisa: here's a toast for me having the hottest beautiful and most charming girlfriend ever on this amazing first date.

I blushed she was so cute. We clinked our glasses together and took a taste of our wine.

Jennie: Lisa yahhhh your so sweet

I say as I put my glass back down  holding Lisa's hand from under the table. I lean towards her capturing her lips on mine giving her a passionate kiss. I pull away before me or Lisa get to carried away.

Lisa: I'm only sweet for you princess

What is she doing to me. My gummy smile never left my face for the whole time I'm with Lisa. She's the only person that can have this type of affect on me.

Amber came back with our food putting it on the table for us.

Amber: if you need anything else just call for me

We nodded

Lisa: thank you amber

She bowed and left.

30 minutes later

We were finished eating. Me and Lisa was finishing off the campaign it turned into a comfortable silence with us staring at each other with loved up eyes. I got a little shy and looked down at our hands which were under the table playing with her fingers.

Lisa PoV

The moment was right. Everything was in a perfect comfortable silence. Jennie looking so cute.

Lisa: princess

I gently said while breaking the silence and Jennie looks up from our hands from under the table

Jennie: yes baby

I smiled brightly at her it's time to say those special words.

Lisa: I didn't know when I met you Jennie Kim that I would have such a powerful connection with you. I always think about you when your not around me and crave your touch when your away from me. I fell for someone who is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too... so i guess what I'm trying to say is... I love you Jennie Kim

I finally said it and I'm super nervous to hear what she'll say. Is she going to say it back.

Jennie just crashes her lips onto mine wrapping her arms around my neck pulling me closer to her.

When we pulled away I see Jennie tear up. Why is my princess crying.

I wipe her tears away with my thumb.

Jennie: you don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that Lisa. I love you too Lalisa Manoban

I smile at her

Lisa: I'm guessing these are happy tears.

I see Jennie nod before she lays her head on my chest. We sit in each other's arms. Our date couldn't have gone any better.

Unknown POV

I was at a restaurant when I see The one and only Lisa Manoban she was with her bosses daughter I forgot her name but I'm pretty sure Lisa isn't aloud to go on romantic outings with her bosses daughter. Are they on a date. My Lisa she should be with me but I guess she's dating her. It will be a shame if someone tells YG.

The smirk on my face grew they were in there own little world. I guess they are in love, but unlucky for them it won't last.

I take my phone out and took a couple of pictures. One was of them romantically looking at each other, one was them in each other's arms and the best one of them all the one with them kissing.

Few clicks and send to Mr Yang.... oops I guess my fingers slipped.

I'm sorry Lisa but you rejected me for that. If I can't have you I'll break your whole life apart. I smile as I walk out of the restaurant... I guess I lost my appetite...


Sorry for the long wait guys. And please don't kill me when you see what's about to happen. 😅😅

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