Chapter 41: Warriors are meant to Fight!

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The town was in complete chaos and confusion. Police cars raced in the streets to stop the riots but the people didn't care. For now the homes that were destroyed were the homes of the rich however there was a heavy sense of fear. Mostly everyone was afraid as they felt that anyone could be the next target. However, those who weren't afraid decided to take advantage of the current situation. Lycan had destroyed prestigious homes but there were still remnants of the rich that were left. They decided to create a small group to go on sight and steal everything they could find and that led to more violence. The rich of course were still attached to what was left of their belongings and didn't want to lose anything more but they were no match for people who had decided that they had the green light to do whatever it was they wanted.

While all of this was going on drones surveyed the city, they were not invisible but they were high enough so no one would notice them. From his office, Ethan enjoyed what he was seeing. He knew the people would riot, he knew that they would be angry for being kept in the dark and he also knew they would be scared. He almost wanted to laugh at the police forces as he watched them spray people with ice cold water. That obviously made things even worse as the people got angrier and started to throw all sorts of objects at the police.

"It won't be long before the army reaches here," Ethan thought to himself. He smirked wickedly as he imagined what General Williams was most likely going through. He knew their protocols like the back of his head. He was sure that Williams had been told to stand down for the moment. His smirked grew wider as he imagined Chelsea's reaction, he knew that decision would totally piss her off and he could almost hear the argument between Chelsea and General Williams in his head. He never knew who called the real shots there, he just knew that General Williams was an obedient puppy and he planned on using that factor to his full advantage.

"Time to unleash my army," he thought out aloud. He pressed the button of the microphone that was connected to Jade's earpiece.

"Jade, it's time. Unleash the rest of our army. This city is about to see something it has never seen before!"

"Yes boss," Jade replied on the other end.

"Let's see what happens next," Ethan said with a perverted smile on his face.


The alarms sounded like it was the end of the world at The Organization. Skyler and all the other agents watched in horror as they saw more and more beings with powers attack the city. This time they were not choosing the privileged parts of town but they attacked everywhere and anywhere.

"Are still gonna tell us to stand down General?" Chelsea asked in absolute rage.

"Chelsea has a point boss," Ben added when General Williams didn't reply. Skyler thought it was best to be quiet and not say anything but her emotions were telling her otherwise. She looked around her; she could tell that everyone was ready to fight. Of course, they still needed to figure out who the mole was but that very moment a lot of innocent people needed them, needed her. She had to say something, anything that could help change the General's mind.

"I told you all, we need to listen to the orders if we don't, we all will be in very big trouble," General Williams replied half heartedly.

"Even if people are being killed?! Just looked at that!" Chelsea said in frustration as she pointed at the LCD screen. One of the super powered beings could harness electricity and water at the same time and he was busy electrocuting everyone in his path.

"I... I... I..." General Williams stuttered.

"General if I may," Skyler interrupted. General Williams nodded at Skyler almost with gratitude.

"Everything that has happened to each at every one of us has lead to this moment. Just some time ago I was just another human being on this earth, a very selfish one may I add. I didn't care if the sun didn't shine on other people as long as it shined on me. I didn't care whether others were struggling as long as things went my way. I even did my own sister wrong," Skyler started off as she glanced at Shiloh. Shiloh did not make eye contact with her.

"But then I was somehow brought here," Skyler continued, "I was brought to a place that I didn't want to be in. I hated it here; in fact I secretly hated all of you because I thought you were all out to get me..." Skyler stopped talking to take a deep breath. "But things are different now, I truly think I'm becoming a better person and it's thanks to all of you. But with a due respect General, I didn't train my ass off just to be sidelined when my powers are really needed. Those people giving you orders aren't here right now. They don't see what we see and they are most certainly not feeling what we are feeling right now. Is going out there a risk? Hell yes it is! I might be the only one here with powers but you've got an organization filled with agents ready to go out there and FIGHT! Our weapons are way more advanced than the police weapons. Something needs to be done and General and it will be done right now whether you like it or not!"

"For once I agree with every word you said Ortega," Chelsea said with approval. "Skyler is right General and it's me of all people that is agreeing with her."

"General, we didn't train Skyler for nothing. Chris and I and a couple more agents can be the eyes and ears of the agents out there. We can guide them. We need to do this, we gotta help people feel like they can count on us," Melanie added with urgency in her voice.

"Common General," Ben added, "this is what we are meant to do."

General Williams knew her team was right, she knew Skyler was right. They had no idea what would happen to them after directly disobeying that order but when she looked up at the LCD screen and saw more horrific images, she finally nodded.

"Okay prep for battle. We are going in," she finally said.

"YES!" Ben almost shouted out. With that all agents started prepping for the fight ahead of them. General Williams pulled Chelsea into a corner to speak to her.

"Chelsea, you know that not everyone is coming back home tonight right?"

"I know General, hell I might not even come back."

"No matter what you need to come back, you are the rock of this team. Make sure you come back Chelsea."

Chelsea looked at the General with a little confusion but she nodded at her and gave out her hand to the General.

"I will try my best to come back General," she promised as she shook her hand.

General Williams watched Chelsea leave. Of course she didn't want to lose anyone and she was worried for everyone, but if Chelsea died, there was no telling what they would do to her.

"If only you knew my child... If only you knew..."

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