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Mia's POV

The girls and I (plus Michael) are going costume shopping right now and I'm really excited to pick out a costume and to see what everyone else is going to be.

"Tanya can I get a pink wig so me and Mikey can match?" Melony asked. We all just laughed except Michael who just huffed.

"I'm actually going to get my hair redone today. It's gonna be black with red." Michael said as we pulled into the parking lot for the costume shop. I noticed a hair salon/barber shop right next to the costume shop.

Michael went to the hair place and the rest of us went into the costume shop. Only the girls are buying costumes, the guys said they are making theirs. I can't wait to see what they put together.

When we walked into the costume shop I was amazed by how many different costumes they had. There was pirates and princesses, even a giant hot dog suit!

"Tanya can I be a vampire?" Melony asked her older sister.

"Mel I thought you wanted to be a princess or a fairy." Tanya said.

"Well, I did, but now I want to be a vampire-wait! I want to be...Batman!" Melony yelled.

"Okay Melony come on. Let's go get you a Batman costume." I said as we walked to the kids' section.

When I finally found a Batman costume in Mel's size, we made our way back to the girls.

"Hey Mel! You get a costume?" Tanya asked.

"Yup! See look." Melony exclaimed and showed Tanya and Monse her costume. I told Mel that her costume was supposed to be for a boy, but she didn't care.

"Now that Melony is taken care of, what are we gonna wear?" Monse asked. I'm actually really excited to dress up. I can actually still fit into these costumes since I'm only two months along in my pregnancy.

"I kinda want to dress up as like a sexy nurse or something. I just wanna have fun with this. How about you two?" I asked Tanya and Monse.

"I want something that's gonna make Cal drool." Monse said and all three of us started laughing. Melony laughed only because we were laughing, she's so cute.

"How about you Tanya?" Monse asked.

"Um, I don't think I'm gonna dress up." She said.

"Why not?" Monse and I asked in unison.

"The only costumes they have here for girls our age are small, skimpy outfits. I can't pull something like that off." Tanya said. Is she kidding?

"You can't be serious! You would be able to pull of any costume here." i said.

"I don't know-" Tanya started

"Well I do know. I'm gonna go pick out some costumes." I said and walked through the aisle called "Ladies' Costumes"

I picked out a costume for me (nurse), a costume for Tanya (an angel), and a costume for Monse(a cop). When I came back by the girls and handed them their costumes, Monse smiled at my choice for her, but Tanya just accepted the fact that she has the most covering costume out of all the costumes in the aisle.

We payed for the costumes and went next door to the hair place to get Michael. When I saw a boy with red and black hair, I knew it was Michael. We walked over to him and he smiled at us.

"What do you think?" He asked us.

"You look like a vampire!" Melony said. We all just laughed and made our way out and to the car.

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