3 - The Pollywog : Part 3

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The day went past pretty quickly for Gabbie as she seemed not to pay attention at her classes at all as she focused mainly on Will. She was wondering maybe Dart was from the upside down, maybe Will was right about his episodes, maybe they were real. She zoned out a lot during the day and David and Max noticed. Always calling her out on it, she just passed it off with the same excuse that it was from what she eat last night and she was feeling sick. They did not believe one bit as everyone seemed to act a bit on he weird side.

The final bell rang for the day and Gabbie rushed out of maths and ran down the hallway to meet up with Will, to see how he was handling things. Gabbie turned the corner and saw him staring at his locker. She approached carefully, not wanting to frighten the boy in any way as she placed her hand on his shoulder which made him turn around.

"Are you feeling any better?" She asked her brother knowing deep down the answer will not please her.

"No, I uh, can't stop thinking about that noise" She says softly to her which makes start to worry, worry that Dustin is carrying around a very dangerous thing in his Ghost trap. Mike turned the corner and saw the pair standing there, he walked over to them like nothing was wrong.

"You guys coming? Let's go show Mr. Clarke" Mike says to him, they both just stood there not knowing what to say to Mike. They didn't know in the moment how to explain to him the things they know. 

"What's wrong?" Mike asks them as they step closer to him, not wanting to make a scene and not wanting to speak loudly.

"It's about d'Artagnan" Will starts with almost a dead look in his eyes. Mike expression changes as he had a small feeling like Dart wasn't what he thought it was. But, Mike had never seen the upside down so he knew nothing of it, only the Demogorgan.

"What about him?" Mike asks as he rubs the sleeve of his sweater trying not to assume the worst, but his hopes weren't high.

"Mike, Will think's he heard Dart last night" Gabbie starts which confuses Mike a little bit, which it did with her the first time she heard it, but she cleared things up "He think's he heard Dart in his episode, In the upside down. " She finishes. Mike widens his eyes as he looks over to Will, as Will nods his head agreeing with what was said by his sister.

"I think I also saw him last year, when I had just come back" Will confesses to them, they both look at him before Mike speaks up.

"We have to go tell them before they saw Mr. Clarke" Mike says, they all nod their heads as they all start to run the down the hallway to the classroom they know all too well.

Inside that classroom stood Dustin, Lucas, Max and David, all ready to show Mr. Clarke what Dustin thought was a new species of animal.

"This is the reason I was late for class" Exclaims as they lightly places the trap on Mr. Clarkes Desk. He is immediately  curious of the object in front of him. The other 3 kids stand there waiting for a response.

"Pretty neat. These doors function?" Mr Clarke examines as looking at it at all angles.

"Well, yeah, obviously. But it's not about the trap. It's what's inside" Dustin makes a point to the teacher "Now, this very well my change your perception of the world" Dustin assures the teacher.

"Consider my interest piqued" Mr Clarke says as they stands back smiling at the child he always thought fond of as he was the brightest student he had ever taught.

"All right, first, let's just clarify, that... this is my discovery, not yours" Dustin says to the men which makes all 3 of the kids sigh.

"Dustin, Jesus! Just show him!" Lucas yells at his friend

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