Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Anna's P.O.V

Walking out of the plane, almost barely able to walk and barely able to keep my eyes open felt like a task on my impossible to do list. The flight felt like years when in reality it was a strong full day in the air. I love travelling, really I do, but the flights, the food, the babies...made me want to stay home forever.

The pain almost instantly left me when I had pulled my phone out and noticed texts from my man, constantly wondering if I was okay. I smiled to his curiosity and quickly sent a text back saying I was safe, I'll text him when I get home. I now go to text Audrey seeing where she was. When I drop my hands to my sides, yawning abruptly to the public I hear clicks.

Oh, the paps. That was something I never missed. I scan the airport as I wait for my luggage and when I notice a cameraman secretly trying to hide his camera behind his suitcase. I wave and gently smile. For all I knew it could have been a nervous fan, updating where I was for the fan pages. This was a common occurrence and it was most definitely most likely in Australia. I didn't mind it, I wasn't getting smothered so it didn't really pest me much.

Once my suitcase finally gets to the visible conveyor belt, I lift it off and I begin to walk to the area I would usually find Audrey. My phone dings and I dig it from my jumper pocket to see Baby Bottom on the screen.

Baby Bottom: I'm glad.

Baby Bottom: You want to know something?

Me: :)) sure bub.

Baby Bottom: I really miss you.

Baby Bottom: like uwu amount of misses

Me: typing...

Baby Bottom: like so much I actually hugged a pillow. A pillow. Can you believe such a thing?

Me: typing...

Baby Bottom: the last time I hugged a pillow was my teenage years and it was hugging, per say.

Me: ...

Baby Bottom: TMI? Sorry!

I smile, chuckling slightly at his dumb remarks. I only click away from the chat when Audrey's texts pop up at the top of my screen and she exclaims she is here. I have known Audrey for so much of my life, most of it actually, but I still got butterflies when I was going to see her again. Even though, it wasn't for the best of occasions, she was still a sister of mine and I was going to enjoy being with her again whether her approval or not.

I swipe back to Harry's conversation.

Me: I wasn't bothered by it, surprised really.

Baby Bottom: Yeah, weird. I was so single when I was a teenager so I found stuff.

Me: Stuff?

Baby Bottom: Never mind any of that.

Me: So, as a teen, you never got around? The most hormonal stages of your life and you held back?

Baby Bottom: Unfortunately yes. I guess I was extra respectful then. : )

Me: God, where'd those days go?

Baby Bottom: They came back when I realised I liked you.

Before I could reply I notice a figure sprinting towards me and that's when I lock eyes with Audrey. It felt like my world was lifted from my shoulders, ruining all my worries. She had laughed and crashed her body into mine, hugging me so harshly. When I had felt her warmth and the softness of her sweater I cried.

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