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(The song below is the song that inspired me to write this. Please enjoy)


(Also, the music at the very top is lofi music, so it won't distract you from reading. if you want to listen while reading go for it. It'll prolly set the mood more. Lmaooo)


'You're just a waste of space.'

'No one needs you.'

'You're nothing. You're useless.'

'No one loves you.'

'Just kill yourself. No one will notice your absence.'

'Take a leap from the roof. You'll feel better.'

'Put yourself out of your own misery. Do it. Take the jump. Do it today.'




Her thoughts were...cruel as some would say...but, she knew that they were right. They were always right. Her thoughts were always there for her, always telling her to do what's right for her own good. They're always there for her, and she's glad.

She's not needed here. She should have noticed it sooner. She should have listened sooner. It would have saved her the misery, the torture that she had to endure, every day. The mockery. The pain. The darkness. The sadness.

And so today, she'll finally listen to them.

Today's the big day.

Today's the day...

"Alright, that's class for today," a voice pulled her out of her head. Her teacher.

She must've zoned out. She's been doing that a lot. She finds that she can never find the energy to listen to a single word her teacher uttered.

She looked up slowly, her tired, bruised eyes strained and sore. She saw her classmates packing up their things, chatting happily in their plain but comfortable classroom. She blinked tiredly and laid her chest on her desk, with her arms dangling over the edge. She smiled, though. She was content. She was feeling...very happy...for once.


She grunted as she felt a kick behind her chair, forcing her stomach into the edge of her desk. A hand gripped her hair and someone shoved her up against the wooden surface of her desk roughly. The hand let go and she heard a 'tch' slip from their mouth.

"Loser," the person sneered, exiting the class before the teacher noticed.

She sighed, patting her head tenderly. All she did was endure. She didn't dare do anything. That'll only lead to more bullying. More reasons to pick on her.

"Have a good weekend everyone," Mrs. Lily Coslett smiled, dismissing her students with a kind smile.

As Mrs. Coslett watched her student's leave, she caught the girl who was sprawled across her desk, staring off into the distance. Her eyes rounded with worry at the sight of her tired student. She didn't know what was wrong with her, but she knew it wasn't good.

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