Atsura:Shhhh!Lower your voice Karen!They will hear you!You practically know that we are still in Entertainment Ban right?So,lower your voice!

Karen:Sorry!But can't you see?Nagisa-chan is now our Acchan.

Atsura:Of course I could see it!I just hope that she would become a better idol soon.

Karen:Eeh?How about us?Don't you want to become a successor?

Atsura:Are you kidding me?How could I become a successor?Being a regular member is already hard but a successor?

~~~~~Akibastar ~~~~~

Alarm clock ringing....Nagisa tried to reach for the alarm clock but she forgot that she's on the top and fell...


Chieri:Are you okay,Nagisa?

Nagisa:Chieri?You're already awake?

Chieri:I'm busier than before so I need to work early.

Nagisa:It must be really hard to become the New Center Nova,right?

Chieri grinned...

Nagisa:What are you grinning for?

She softly punched Nagisa...

Nagisa:What's that for?

Chieri:BAKA!Hai.I'm busy.But...do you think it's still a dream?Your much busier than I am.Your Maeda Atsuko the 14th after all.


Nagisa went to grab her clothes and combed her - shoulder length - hair.

Nagisa:You know what?


Nagisa:I still can't believe that I'm the new Acchan.I didn't even dream to become one.I don't know what characteristics that made me to become Acchan the 14th.

Chieri:I think that's because you give hope to everyone.When there are problems,you don't really run away from it instead you fight and work hard to achieve it.You don't let sadness and anger dominate in your heart.You have a pure love for entertainment and of course music.You do your best to make other people smile when they feel down and sometimes you inspire them.Those...were the characteristics that I think you and Acchan have similarity.

Nagisa:You think?

Chieri:Yes.So,move your butt now and eat.You have a super tight schedule you know?

Nagisa:Hai.Atarashii Center Nova-san.

Nagisa and Chieri both laugh.


Tsubasa:Good morning,everyone.


Tsubasa:I called all of you here for 5 important matters.

1. Sensei-sensei once made a new song...for...Acchan only.


Tsubasa:That's right.And here are the lyrics:

Once,I believe to be one

Now I am the only one

I may have it all

But without you I am not here at all

Those who dream just like me

Come and join,be free

Choose your life the way you want

Don't hesitate love it all you want

We dream to have a goal

Don't forget that you have a soul

Throw away those sadness

Forget those madness

You are who you are

Nothing will make you go far

Choose your path

Because you want

Love them all

Because you are unique

~~~~~Skip some parts~~~~~~

Don't stop believing

You can do everything

You are who you are

We are here wherever you are

Tsubasa:And this song will be used in the 80th Generation of AKB0048.

2.Right.We will be having the audition to search for the new members.The 80th generation.

3.You will perform in the Theater tomorrow because I will announce the new successors.

4.You will train the trainees yourselves.Each one of you will have one trainee to teach.

5.Two months after the first performance of the new gen. We will be having the 38th General Election.

Those words...echoed all over the hall...Ushiyama sensei stood there..like he didn't care.Those words...made a big commotion in all AKB members.Those were the only words that Tsubasa said.

Nagisa: [I can't believe that I will be having a new solo song again.And only for me!]



Please remember that those lyrics didn't came from any other 48 Group songs.It's mine.It is PHL48 song.PHL48 is a group for the people who aspires or wants to become an idol in the future.If you love AKB48 or J-pop or anime and you are a Filipino you can audition on our facebook group named PHL48.Please take note that PHL is not an official sister group of AKB48.But the original members of PHL48 hopes that it will be...in the future.So far,the total members of PHL are 6.We have 7 teams.


P ; H ; L ; 4 ; 8 ; R ; V-II /V-2

Team R is a special team because it consist boy members.For more info please visit PHL48.You can only find and audition in our facebook group,PHL48.Minna-san!Let's make our way to stardom!

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