Nagisa Motomiya

-one of the main protagonist of the 3 seasons.On the last episode of the previous season,she succeeded as Maeda Atsuko the 14th. After a year she was crowned,her hair grew up to her waist which really suit her.She also grew into a very great lady. And just like the 2 other seasons,she's still the same loving,caring,and understanding friend and daughter. She is also one of the best members now in 00.

Age: 16 years old

Karen Iwata

- her name came from a real AKB48 member. She is one of the new main protagonist of this story. She acts childish but sometimes cool.Just like the real one,she is a great comedian and a great friend. She's talented.She's good in singing,dancing,and she's (a little) smart too.Her hair color is brown that length up to her shoulder.Both her and Atsura came from the country,Angolastar.A country in the planet Lancastar.

Age:15 years old

Fujibayashi Atsura

- one of the new main protagonist of this story.Karen's best friend.She's a little boyish and happy.She is the adventurous type of person.Her hair color is blonde and is always tied in a ponytail.She likes to eat sweets and she's good at cooking.She's not so good in singing and dancing but she does her best.She is the first character that all members and all characters get close to easily.Youngest of this season's character.

Age:13 years old

Miyagi Kyori

- one of the new protagonist.She is the fighter type of person.She is kinda weird but easily to like.Sometimes she's strict and serious (esp. if she reads,however she is not the smartest).She have yellow hair that is curly on the end which lengths up to her breast.One of the tallest new character.

Age:14 years old

Matsuri Rina

-one of the new protagonist.She came from Akibastar.She was able to audition because she also works as a model and a previous WOTA. Her generation members tells her that she is one of the most beautiful members that they saw.Because of that she had to improve it to share it to everyone.She may be hard at outside but she is sweet and lovable inside.She's great at tactics and strategy.Her hair is blue that lengths up to her waist.

Age:14 years old

Hanakage Chizuko

-one of the new protagonist.She is the shortest member but without her their generation will not shine.She is the leader type.She is a great leader because before she also had a group that auditioned in 79th generation but she is the only one who didn't pass.Now is her last chance to join.Her hair color is moss green that lengths up to her armpit.

Age:14 years old

Sadagawa Yuna

- one of the new protagonist.She audition in 78 & 79th generation but unfortunately she didn't passed because something happened in her family.Now is her last chance.She is the smartest of all 80th generation.She is the most childish character and the most positive one.She is good at dancing.Her hair color is light red that lengths up to her waist.

Age: 14


o Sono Chieri

o Ichijou Yuuka

o Aida Orine

o Shinonome Kanata

o Shinonome Sonata

o Kanzaki Suzuko

o Yokomizo Makoto

o Kishida Mimori

o Kitagiri Tsubasa

o Ushiyama

o Sensei-Sensei

o 76 - 79th Generation Members

o Mitsubahi Mikato

o Katbuhajo Sato

o Shitsimane Takuto


And many more...



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