Chapter 8: Did something like this happen in Alice in Wonderland?

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I wake up to the sound of someone baning on the saloon's doors.

"HEY OPEN UP!" someone yells in a grungy voice.

Shock runs through my vertebrates. Everyone jumps about a meter in the air when another knock comes.

I quietly whisper to everyone "Hide maybe they'll go away!"

They all nod and split up. Viol hides behind the bar, Kelko hides behind one of the supporting beams and Jolton goes into the ceiling lamp. I dive behind an overturned table and just then the doors burst open knocking the tables away, and we see our intruders.

All of a sudden, the lights flicker on and off. That gets the bandits attention and they turn away from the bar, but they come towards my table. The lights flicker on and off again, but it doesn't work this time. Then I notice something I forgot about.

My tail hangs out the end of the table. And I think the bandits see it too. I quickly try to move it but the bandits get there first. I feel a cold hand on my tail and yelp. The bandit pulls me up by my tail, his twig arms unbelievably strong for their size. He lifts me above the table and that's when I realize that he has a gun, and it points straight at my head. But right now I can't even focus on that because my tail feels like it's going to be ripped out from my body.

"Well what do we have here?" The ace card says grimly and then lets out a horrendous laugh. His fellow bandits laugh along. Then, before I can give a snooty comeback, a full on ambush happens.

Viol comes out from under the bar and hits the joker with an uppercut. Jolton jumps down from the ceiling lamp and lands on top of the spade, making him fall on the floor. Kelko runs out from behind the post and hits the other spade in the face with a bottle that shatters upon impact.

Jolton jumps from the ace he landed on to the one soaked in alcohol. He sends an electric current through him so strong that the card catches on fire. Inspired, I blow fire in the face of the card which has me in it's grip, causing it to drop me. The ace card claws at its face trying to put the fire out, screaming like a sick donkey. I scoop my arm under his tiny stick legs causing him to fall to the ground. The ace card somehow screams harder and aimlessly shoots his gun as he falls.

Wood splinters fall from the ceiling, a window shatters, and he also shatters a lamp right above us. I scramble out of the way as the glass shards rain from the ceiling. The ace, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. Three shards manage to impale the card, one lands in his chest, killing him and leaving only the smouldering floor beneath him. Poof.

Viol jumps up on the bar, towering above us all, and sends a rain cloud towards the joker with such force that it sends him falling back, giving Viol the perfect opportunity to grab his gun and point it at his face. Viol's about to shoot the joker, but hesitates. I see her hands tremble, her finger is caressing the trigger but not pulling it yet. Before she can decide, the joker recovers. He stands up in a flash, Viol's gun follow his movements.

At that second the spade card manages to put the fire on his face out leaving a smoldering brown spot on the left side of his face. He gets up and punches Jolton in the gut without warning. Jolton stumbles back but managed to kick him hard in return sending the spade tumbling back into Kelko who pierces the card with a shard of glass from the shattered window. Poof. The joker glances over at the commotion and lunges for Jolton. In an instant, Viol pulls the trigger. Poof.

Three down, one to go. Kelko duplicates himself until he completely surrounds the bandit. There are about ten Kelkos around the spade. The bandit looks surprised but still lifts his gun to where the original Kelko stands. Kelko, all of them, smiles like the bandit had told a joke and wasn't threatening to shoot him. The Kelkos take a step towards the bandit and the spade pulls the trigger. "Kelko!" I cry as Kelko gets essentially tossed behind the bar by the bullet and smashes into the shelves stocked with bottles.

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