Sehun- Not Now Boss

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I'm here in Mr.Oh's office... I'm showing him some few suggestions for our game... he owns a gaming company and I'm his secretary.

Me: So what do you think about this boss?

Sehun: Uhmm... she's not sexy enough...

Me: Boss, it's a PvP game... not a yadong

Sehun: I mean she's fine but I have someone in mind that looks a lot better

Me: who...

He looked at me

Sehun: Someone close to me... Miss Y/N... don't you think your skirt is a little too short?

Me: Ani... wae?

He stood up and went to the door

Sehun: It's so dangerous for you to wear those while you're with me

He locked the door. He walked back to my place and held my waist

Sehun: Why are you so sexy today?

He starts sucking on my collarbone

Me: Boss, not now.. we're in the office

Sehun: The door is locked

He continued sucking on my collarbone

Me: The CCTV

Sehun: I already covered it

Me: But-

Sehun: Let's do it now pls... I've been craving for you since the day you became my Secretary

Me: Uhhh....

Sehun: Jebal

Me: Arasseo... take it slow, I'm still a v-vir-

Sehun: A virgin? Arasseo...

He start pumping my pussy and kissed me...

I don't remember anything... all I know is that I'm already on top of the table, naked and being fucked by my boss

Me: Oppa! Faster!!!

Sehun: Magic word baby

Me: Please daddy, fuck me hard till I break

Sehun: As you wish my lady

He pounded faster and harder in me, I could feel him twitching inside... he was about to pull out but I pulled him back... he came inside me

Sehun: Ms. Y/N, why did you pull me back, I came in you

Me: I don't care

Sehun: But you might get pregnant

Me: I really don't care, why, you don't want to cum inside me?

Sehun: I want to but-

Me: Then you can cum in me anytime you want

Sehun: Jinja?

Me: Ne, I'm okay, as long as it is you

Sehun: Wae

Me: Saranghae

Sehun: Jinja?!

Me: Ne... what about you?

Sehun: Nado...

Me: Sehunnie... fuck me again

Sehun: Mwo?

Me: pls fuck me again

Sehun: Uhmm... arasseo

He started to pound in me again... his dick is sohard inside. He came inside me...

Me: Pls continue

He fucked me again... we continued for 4 more rounds

I wish we will never stop doing this...

Sehun: I'm cumming Y/N

Me: Go, do it, cum in me

Sehun: ha, dul, set ughhh...

He came in me

Sehun: Jagiya, gwaenchana?

Me: Ne...

He carried me while he is still inside

Me: Where are you taking me?

Sehun: to the couch

Me: Wae?

Sehun: Let's sleep

Me: But work

Sehun: it's already past twelve

Me: Mwo? I did not even realize

Sehun: Saranghae

Me: Nado saranghae

The Next week

I'm walking towards the canteen with Sehun, everyone was looking at us. I saw a friend of mine and asked her why they are looking

Friend: Didn't you know? The new character looks a lot like you

Me: Mwo? Kamsamnida.... Annyeong

He got his coffee so we both went back upstairs

Me: Sehun-ssi, someone told me the new character looks like me... wae?

Sehun: I want my new character to be the most sexy and the most beautiful girl in the game... up for some work out Jagi

Me: Ne

He start taking off my clothes and fucked me... I guess being his secretary is not bad at all

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