Favourite Creepypastas, Animatronics, and More Requests!!

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So ClaireFirefly111 asked me through a dm of who's my favourite creepypastas. Now heck everyone is curious secretly (maybe not) too, and so I'll be telling you guys my favourites (not by rank):

-BEN Drowned
-Jeff the Killer
-Eyeless Jack (EJ)
-Laughing Jack (LJ)
-Slenderbrothers (certain brothers)
-Ticci Toby
-Bloody Painter
-Jane the Killer
-Suicide Sadie

And that's a few I liked I guess -w-. She also asked who's my favourite animatronics. Well I like Golden Freddy, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy -w-. Hope it answers your question Claire! Thanks for asking btw. I promise I'll finish Yandere! Bloody Painter, Offenderman, and Jeff the Killer x Fem. Reader.

Please ask more requests here!

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