Part 19

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"jee!" Her moan went loud when he pressed his lips hard at the exact centre of her belly. Her trick of sucking out every ounce of breathe to failed when he leaned more into her.

He stopped his torture when he felt it to much for her to handle. He settled down again facing her face. The slight exposed front of her did disturbed him but he was fortunate or unfortunate that she did saw that and covered her front back with the pallu.

He sighed at the way her skin felt, he was actually lost, a pure bliss that he felt. Just to be able to feel her so close without any resistance, was overwhelming for him.

"If I do anything wrong, you have to stop me" his words sink in her.

"Tripura, I might end up doing things I don't intend to do at first" he tried holding her gaze while she tried making sense out of his words. He tried hard to keep the eye contact stable, their own way of having a conversation. but it was getting difficult with the luscious curve of her chest in sight. He kicked his pervert mind again but the desire driven by lust right now was too much for him to handle. He tried shifting on her lap towards her knees just so that he could have not to tackle her globe but that was not successful as it did came in his glance. He groaned in his mind with his eyes closed. 'God, Karan fuc**g control yourself'

He didn't wanted to get up neither he had the courage to open his eyes so he decided to just keep his eyes closed turn around back to her belly and have her locked in his arms and that's what he did again starling her with his sudden action.

She did cope up with his onslaughts and adjusted herself. Her arm involuntarily moved to his hair and other started patting his arm. She gazed at him with longing. Her teeth grazing her lower lip while she controlled hard not to pounce on him and suck his lips,

'gosh! They feel so plush' her heart whispered.

A sigh escaped her lips with the feel of his breathe now fanning her belly, the breeze went cool from lukewarm. The night was unusually warm indicating the arrival of summer but given they were near the sea insured the continuous windy weather.

He slipped into a nap, she noticed when his motion went calm. He was not whimpering or twitching but just lied there calm.

She felt pleased to her heart. Holding him in her arms, he kissing her and holding her with his rights that she'd given. She had given her everything, her mind her soul and her body to, but he didn't took advantage of it! She realised. His eyes did looked lost frequently, fighting his demons within, he waited for something. She noted.

Now, as he looked into her eye before napping his gaze was rolling onto her bosom frequently. She did felt a little uncomfortable but he did turned his gaze within seconds making her relax. Maybe its to early. That's what she realised when his eyes indicated the further possibilities of their this closeness.

Consummating a marriage is a big step. She was ready for it but partially. His presence affects her total existence. He'd snap his fingers while holding her gaze with his innocence and she'd end up doing it even if its insane. She feels hypnotic in his gaze and his hold. When he touches her he just transfix her to another realm, away from here where nothing exists but only the two of them.

She sighed again with the sight of her husband laying off guarded and vulnerable, fully relaxed.


A fast pace of some bikers passing through had him heed. He slowly stirred from his sweet nap and realised his surroundings to be dimly lit. He rubbed his chin more to the soft pillow he was sleeping on but soon realising what that was he shot his eyes open and his gaze settled on her.

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