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Y/n's POV

After what had happened we finished packing, dad came home and did his packing. The boys had already had someone come for their things yesterday.

They stayed the night because it was way too late Nick was going to stay with me because  I was scared something would happen if I was alone again.

But Zion wanted to sleep in my room, then Brandon, Edwin, then Austin.

"Nah how come you get to sleep in her room!" Edwin argued back with the rest.

"Umm I don't know because she's my cousin and I'd rather sleep with her then let other guys sleep in her room?!" Nick was quick to reply.

"WOW Ok now your making it sound like we would ever do something to her!" Brandon shot out.

"How dare you, Nick we know each other basically our whole lives and for you to assume that... I." Austin then said.

Everyone was talking over each other fired up and it was too much.

"Wait why do you guys want to sleep in her room?" Zion asked.

"Guys?" I tried to stop them.

"Why would you want to huh?" Brandon asked back.


"Yeah why do you?" Edwin asked.


"I should be asking you that!" Zion replied.

"GUYS!" I yelled to make them stop, which they did.

They stopped arguing and snapped their heads towards me.

"Why don't all of you sleep in my room tonight." I said to make them stop, we would all sleep in one room when we were younger, not in the same bed but on the floor.

"Alright then."

"I'm fine with that."


"No I told you."

Everyone was talking over each other again.

I sighed going into my room and getting ready for bed.

I was so tired I fixed my bed up and changed into a pair of Nick's sweats and one of Zion's shirt.

The guys were now in my room fixing up their spot on air mattresses.

"You know we have guest rooms, you didn't have to sleep on the floor." I said getting comfortable in my bed.

"Tell Nick that." Austin covered himself with a couple blankets.

After Turing the lights off and talking for a few minutes we all fell asleep.

—The next morning—

"Y/n!" Some woke me up.

"Huh." I mumbled not wanting to get up.

"We have to leave." Nick kept shaking me slightly.

"Come on you can sleep on the way there." He said making me get up.

I tried to wake myself the best I could by washing my face and teeth.

I brushed my hair out and changed in my closet while everyone else was putting boxes into the moving truck my dad and his friend were taking.

Me and the guys were taking a few things in my dads Range Rover.

I changed into jeans, and long sleeve skin tight shirt tucking it in, I put on my vans and got my bag with my important stuff.

"Zion did you put the dogs stuff in the car already?" I asked walking downstairs seeing he was the only one in the living room.

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