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Yeah, well… you being oblivious doesn't fucking help me here. ❞

❝ ... Forgive me, Trashmouth, but I was under the impression that you flirted with anything that has a pulse! ❞

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| 𝐓 𝐇 𝐄  𝐒 𝐔 𝐍 |

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  “Holy shit, I think I'm falling for Richie Tozier!” the words fled from her lips in an stunned realization, her face blossoming with the most brilliant hues of red when she thought of the proclaimed Trashmouth. It didn't help matters when the beautiful teen had recalled the later moments of the evening and the kiss… it may not have been a proper kiss, like the ones she'd seen in recent movies, but it still left her breathless and had her own heart leaping up inside her throat.

  Her lips lifted up into a dreamy smile when she recalled how dazed Richie looked, once she finally stepped back. His reaction to a simple kiss on the cheek was absolutely adoring in her eyes and she had accomplished what no other had ever achieved before…

   … She had made Richie Tozier speechless.

  “Sel? Selene? Are you still there?” the voice from the other line had broke through her dream-like state, planting her firmly back onto the earth's plane from the clouds of her musings.

  Lifting the receiver up towards her lips, Selene felt an embarrassed blush dusting the swells of her cheeks. “Oh! Yeah, I'm still here. Sorry about that.” she muttered, but over at her end, she could've sworn she heard the redhead attempting to muffle her giggles.

  “You were daydreaming about Trashmouth, weren't you?” Beverly teased, and despite Selene trying to valiantly deny, she knew her best friend saw right through her.

  Sighing softly, Selene tucked a raven lock of hair behind her ear, twirling the cord of her phone with her index finger. “Am I that obvious?” she shyly wondered. Selene laid flatly onto her bed, staring at the ceiling above her as she waited for Beverly's truthful answer. After all, the redheaded Marsh knew her better than anyone else and read her like a book.

  After a few moments of torturous silence, Beverly finally spoke. “Bigfoot is less obvious than you,” she said with a low laugh, “It's not a bad thing, though… besides, Richie is too into his own flirting to notice it. Then again, if you told him this, he might actually faint from joy.”

  “Faint from joy?” Selene echoed in amusement, “Okay, now you've completely lost me. Why on earth would Richie be happy over my… feelings about him?”

  This time it was Beverly's turn to sigh, however it was more out of bubbling frustration. “Sel, you can't be this oblivious! Haven't you heard the rumors around school? I mean, even with the way Trashmouth acts around you, it should be pretty obvious.”

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