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"Social media" Abby stated matter-of-factly and out of nowhere. I was in her bedroom, sitting at her desk, simultaneously taking notes that she dictated and working on my laptop to organize security for the Christmas holiday. My girl scurried around her bedroom, haphazardly throwing clothing and miscellaneous items in a bag as she got ready to head out of town once more. Teddy and Lady Bird both rested on her bed, following her with their eyes as they fell asleep, but generally, neither of them were amused by her antics.

"Hey Abs, I thought one of the perks of being the new leader of the free world was that there would be people to do this for you" I stood from my chair and caught her in an embrace. She was moving a million miles a minute and it was taking its toll. Since her meeting with Oliver, she spent every spare second of her schedule trying to come up with the perfect statement to give to the public that put the rumors to rest without giving away too much of our lives while maintaining her grace and poise that her public loved, while proving to her non-believers that she was the right woman for the job. She was juggling so much for something so petty in the scheme of what her role actually entailed, but she worked damn hard to gain the credibility she had and she refused to have her enemies kick her down and perceive her as someone she wasn't. The religious right was having a field day with the "living in sin" angle to the point I had to escalate our security for any appointments, meetings, or events we had planned. Part of me viewed these attacks as just words, but as we all knew damn well, words have tremendous power and our opposition was using his words to formulate exaggerated stories and outright lies that had since fanned the flames and caused it to spread into a mess. That mess was now something we needed to control before it got out of hand, and seeing my girl losing sleep and making herself sick over it was where I was drawing a line.

"Roman, don't be silly. I can pack a bag myself. When I get to the White House, if a staffer wants to help a girl out, I'm more then happy to let them assist me, but while I'm still me, I'd like to just savor the mundane moments like packing a suitcase" she let me place a lingering kiss on her head before backing out of my arms to continue what she was doing.

"Do you want help at least? You haven't been feeling well and you haven't been sleeping" I offered already knowing what the answer would be before I completed my thought.

"I'm good. I promise. Get back to work protecting me" she winked saucily and I wished I could neglect all the crazy swirling around us in order to bend her over her desk and fuck the stress right out of her. Instead, I tortured myself by watching her move through her room, reaching up to high shelves or bend over to grab a stack of folded blouses out of a low drawer. I grabbed my phone to look over and memorize our calendar while I mindlessly scratched a sleeping Teddy behind his ears. He began purring and I felt a little smug at how the little ball of Satan and I had bonded since we brought him home. Lady Bird remained at his side, stretched out and taking up an entire half of the bed, making her the new queen of the house. I divided my attention between shamelessly ogling Abby and work as I continued our conversation, "tell me again about this social media thing you just mentioned" she turned from her spot in the massive walk-in closet to look at me, all disheveled and beaming from ear-to-ear at her brilliant idea.

"We're going to take to social media as a couple and make a statement. You know like the Queen of England does at Christmas? We won't do it on Christmas, but we'll put out a festive, 'Happy Holidays' and 'Season's Greetings' message and address the shit storm that has been the press lately. Get the ball back in our court and take control of this fiasco before someone gets hurt. We'll address the people directly and give them the ability to share our message publicly. I think a live video would work best. Maybe we can even have a staffer monitor it and filter some questions to us so it gives it a personal feel. Like I'm speaking directly to the people. I think that's what's most important. What do you think?" When she looked at me, her eyes were sparkling with a mix of triumph and mischief that I couldn't refuse.

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